February 27, 2022

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  • For this Sunday morning we were not too rushed. I did find out about 10 minutes before we left that Anderson was still in his bed. He did quickly get up with me and Graham hollering at him. I am not exactly sure who all I should have been frustrated with-Anderson for not getting up? Graham for not waking his brother up? Or me for not making sure that he was already awake? Either way, he was dressed in plenty of time and woke up in a decent enough mood.
  • We had church and then Sunday school. I taught my sweet little first graders-they are just an easy group that I think that I will miss next year. We are thinking about not teaching next year-it will be quite a change, but a break is good. I heard someone say that if people step back and not volunteer, other people will stand up and fill those spots. I'm not too sure if I believe that to be true, but we plan on missing a few more Sundays next fall and spring.
  • We came home after church and all had leftovers. And more accurately, I could probably say that we all had different leftovers-well, the boys and Campbell all had pizza, Reagan had corn, Keaton had a corn dog, Robby had hot dogs, and I had fried rice and chicken. It was all good, but took what seemed like forever to heat up.
  • And speaking of heating up, we now have our microwave functioning again. Robby had ordered a part that he hoped was broken. That wasn't the broken part, but he was able to find a work around-so hopefully the microwave door will continue to open and close (but we don't have too high of hopes.)
  • After cleaning up lunch and the repair job, we did take our Sunday afternoon nap. It was a wonderful nap-though every time I would wake up a bit, I had a ton of text to answer. I hoped that I wrote things that were coherant.
  • This evening Reagan dropped Graham off at his lifegroup. Then she dropped Anderson off at his lifegroup, and then she drove to her lifegroup. Meanwhile, I took Campbell to Rock Creek for church. Shortly after I returned home, Robby headed out to pick up Graham and Anderson. At the same time, I took Keaton and Whitman with me to pick up Campbell. Reagan headed home shortly afterwards but dropped Noah at his house before coming to the Wilson's house where we had all met up for supper. 
  • Shannon had cheese dip, hot dogs and strawberry shortcake for supper. It was all super yummy or we were super hungry. Either way, the strawberry shortcake was a bit hit with my crew. After eating, we stayed and chatted. The kids stayed for a bit but eventually headed back home.
  • Currently, the boys are playing xbox with people, Campbell and Keaton are probably chatting with friends on their devices, Whitman is playing his ipad and Reagan is probably on her phone. They are going to be a very disappointed crew in a few minutes when I tell them that it is bedtime.

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