February 5, 2022

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  • Robby and I had hoped that Bentley would sleep in this morning, and she politely obeyed. That benedryl probably didn't hurt any either. 
  • I did eventually get out of the bed and walk on the treadmill. Then I emptied the dishwasher and folded my laundry. By this time Graham and Whitman were awake. 
  • After I did all of this, I did what anyone would on a Saturday morning-I climbed back in the bed and finished my book. Of course then when Anderson, Campbell and Keaton saw me that assumed that I was just being lazy-I had already been productive and had just begun the lazy part.
  • I made chocolate chip scones which were really pretty good. When those were done, Robby ate his pizza after his treadmilling. Then we started to watch a Hallmark movie, but by this time I needed my Saturday afternoon nap.
  • I had him stop the movie so I could snooze. Robby eventually took a nap too, and we were awakened by Campbell asking when exactly we were going to leave. We were taking Reagan to a birthday party, and she was supposed to meet someone in about 5 minutes. They were late too, so we were fine.
  • Campbell and Keaton came with us. Reagan would have normally been able to drive herself and even thought that she could have, but alas a 16 year old does not take into account the ice on the road. We dropped her off, and then went to Walmart.
  • Of course we spent a crazy amount of money at the store because we had plenty of time to kill and walked up and down most every aisle. I will admit that Robby is more fun to shop with since he spends a bit more freely than I do. I have to reign him back in occasionally. 
  • After buying all we could at Walmart, we then headed to Sonic for a quick drink. I didn't get anything because Sonic doesn't serve hot chocolate, and I was just chilly. We had a bit of time to spare so the girls and I walked around Hobby Lobby as Reagan finished her meal/birthday party.
  • We then hurried home and unloaded the car of groceries to load the car with people to go to the Wilson's house for supper and to watch the game. Supper was blackstone pizzas which were delicious. The game was decent but most of us just talked through it. It was a pretty perfect end to the weekend.

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