February 4, 2022

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  • Since it was Friday morning, there was no hurry to wake up. When I did finally get up, I started immediately on the laundry and dishes. Robby had already taken Bentley out to potty, but she decided that she really needed to do some more business so I took her out.
  • To go out, I put on my hat, Graham's jacket, boots and gloves. I took the dog out and nothing. We came in, and she started barking again. I had kept on my winter gear since I thought this would be the case. We went out again and nothing. And just like the boy crying wolf, she barked again.
  • This time nothing as well. We came in and I told her to just poop on the floor because I was done. She looked at me, and then walked to her chair and sat down and took a nap. I still had on my winter gear though since I really didn't want the dog to poop on the floor. I am, after all, the one who would clean it up.
  • After I had finished working in the kitchen, I did take off my boots. Then after putting away the laundry I took off the jacket. And a bit later, I did take my gloves off. I, however, wore my hat until at least noon. It wasn't that cold in the house; it was just that cozy. I should probably get a cute hat to wear-not one that looks like an owl.
  • I did my Friday work of pulling out school for next year. It is always more fun when people do finish things-Keaton is almost done with all of her paper work except for math. However, today there wasn't anything that I came to the end of as I was getting out next week's work. I figure we have about 12 weeks of school left around here, possibly less. So we do have a few things to get done.
  • Robby and I did watch a movie this afternoon. It was a pretty good one. I even counted my Hallmark movie total, but I sure don't remember what it was. The kids were again in and out today. They went to the big hill in the early afternoon, but then the road was already showing through by the afternoon.
  • Anderson even rode his bike some outside-not advisable. Whitman spent way too long outside again today wearing clothes that were not meant to play in the snow. When he did come in, we told him to take a shower which he did. And when our movie had about 30 minutes left, he came to the living room to ask for a snack-he had been in the shower for probably an hour. At least he was clean.
  • The Wilsons showed up for supper (there were invited). We had a little Chinese feast=orange chicken (which was really good), fried rice, lo mein noodles (which needed some more seasoning), edamame, and pot stickers. 
  • We watched travel videos and ate ice cream to end the evening. It was a pretty great end to a pretty slow day. Tomorrow, basketball games have already been cancelled so other than a birthday party that Reagan has to go to, it will be another slow day.

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