February 22, 2022

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  • I have spent a good bit of my day checking for Reagan's ACT scores to come out. From what I have read, they should have been released last night at midnight. She worked really hard the last few weeks with me doing practice tests. Hopefully, the scores will be in her favor, but we have plenty of time to work on them.
  • I tried to wake people up a minute earlier this morning since I wanted Reagan and Anderson to leave a bit earlier because of the crazy rain that was happening. I think that they left even later than usual today. Reagan did say the other day that they always get to school early-yes, that is by design since I don't want anyone to rush (drive faster).
  • The rest of us did our school work here. Things were pretty low key today. I think that we had finished everything up by noon. After my lunch, I had time for the treadmill before Reagan and Anderson made it home from school.
  • Speaking of my lunch-I have been eating yogurt with some of Reagan's cereal each day. I have really liked that except now we are out of yogurt-we had bought 2 or possibly 3 big cases from Costco so that has been my lunch for a good while now.
  • When Anderson did come home, he was ready to play some more of our Monopoly game. I don't know who-probably Graham, Anderson or Campbell. Keaton probably won't win, but I know who will definitely not win-Whitman and me. I only have 2 properties left after selling 2 to Whitman. He didn't have any-the boy only passed up one opportunity to buy property.
  • After the game, I even read some of my book before I had to leave for my Bible study supper. We all met at Tazikis-I was able to run some errands on the way plus I even drove halfway to the wrong place, even though I knew exactly where I was going. I did enjoy the drive though!
  • At home, Robby made waffles for supper for everyone. There was some catastrophe with the microwave-duct tape is now involved. 
  • He soon had to take Anderson to his basketball practice. I think this might be Anderson's last basketball practice. That meant that Robby missed the last of the Hogs game. The outcome was good so I'm sure listening on the radio was fine with him.  

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