February 12, 2022

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  • This morning started pretty early for us-ACT day for Reagan. We didn't want her to stress about finding the place in the morning, and we didn't want to have to come and get her when she was done; so Robby and I both drove there and left her there with a car.
  • While she was taking the test, Robby and I ran to one Walmart and two different Krogers. We were looking for the off brand corn chips. I am not going to pay 4 dollars for a bag of real Fritos, so the hunt was on.
  • I had already started looking last week at any store that I went to. My first stop they had only bbq flavored off brand fritos. The next place had only buffalo flavored off brand fritos. We were surprised when I did find them at our Kroger-I did have to get on my hands and knees and crawl around to grab the last 3 bags.
  • All of this was so stressful that we just climbed back into bed when we came home. Well, that might be an exaggeration. Bentley had rode with us, so she curled up at the foot of the bed, and we all took a nap. Well, Robby's nap was probably shorter than mine, since I really had a good nap. 
  • I woke up to the Hogs playing their basketball game. During the game, we did get a text from Reagan after finishing her test. Her exact text was "well, that was awful." Hopefully her score won't be awful. When she made it home, she had herself a big lunch and then took a big nap.
  • I did wake Anderson up around 12:30 today so he could watch the rest of the Hogs play. He did manage to eat leftovers for lunch along with the rest of us. We (just the 4 of us were home) all ate leftovers and still have plenty left.
  • I did walk on the treadmill for a little bit before going to pick up Graham at church. We knew they were in the fellowship hall. They were doing one of those rice bag packing things. When we walked into the room, there were what seemed like 150 people all wearing hair nets and face masks-I didn't see a soul that I recognized. I had no idea how we were going to find Graham since everyone looked exactly the same. 
  • Thankfully, Graham saw us and we were soon on our way to his championship game. The game didn't turn out exactly how we wanted. However, they just lost by a few points and were in it the whole game. 
  • I didn't get to see Anderson's game, but they stuck pretty close to the team that they played, but they lost as well. I was busy driving Graham home to change and then back to his host house so he could meet up with everyone and eat supper there-he didn't want to miss one more second than he had to.
  • I made it home before Anderson and everyone else. Reagan did skip the ballgames. After the games, Keaton and Whitman did join us at home. They had a big time at Grannymom's house, but I think that Whitman might be a little bit tired-he was pretty quiet all evening long.
  • The Wilsons brought supper over. It was all really good. As we were sitting around talking, we decided that we might need to run to Kroger and buy some more Blue Bell which in onsale on the other side of town.
  • We did just that-I grabbed my grocery list and Shannon had hers. We started with one buggy, but had to move to two different buggies as we kept shopping and kept shopping. We did buy 10 things of Blue Bell the other day, but today we just picked up 4 more. 
  • Once we made it back home, we finished a movie that Tony and Shannon were watching. Then it was time for bed for this crew for sure.

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