February 20, 2022

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  • I knew we had quite a bit to do this morning so I did try to get up when my alarm went off. I took the neighbors dogs out. Then I came home to wake up my crew. Keaton and her friends had already woken up so that was 3 less to wake up.
  • The other crew was a little more difficult to wake up. I did have to go up there twice to get Whitman out of his bed. I then took my shower as Robby started on fixing breakfast for all of us. By the time that he had finished, we had orange juice, milk, potato cakes, biscuits, sausage, and strawberries. Not too shabby for a Sunday morning.
  • Though by the time we did leave the house, Robby did have to get us to church quickly. It was kind of a mad dash to get inside the sanctuary before things started. Our section was pretty full today, but thankfully there were still seats for us.
  • After church and Sunday school, we headed to Nonna and Pops' house for Sunday lunch. They had hamburgers and all of the fixings. My favorite is always Nonna's baked beans. She even had some delicious cookies for dessert.
  • We stayed and chatted for a little bit. The kids were all very loud-they were entertaining loud: everyone, and I mean everyone, was talkative and all pretty much talking at the same time. I do treasure times when things are quiet, but having all the kids chatty is just as much fun.
  • When we did come home, Robby and I went to work on supper. We made potato soup for supper. It took a good little bit to fry the bacon, cut the onion and peel and slice the potatoes. We all did think that the soup was good, but I am not too sure if it was the bestest soup ever. And really, dumping a bag of hashbrowns in a crock pot seems a lot easier. I guess I will try a recipe like that this next time in my search for the perfect potato soup.
  • I did have time for about an hour long nap today-I am not the only napper around here. Reagan, Robby and Keaton also had naps today. Robby did remind me that he did not used to take Sunday afternoon naps before he was married to me. And I reminded him that this has been the best 20 years of his life possibly because of the Sunday afternoon naps.
  • Reagan and I had a meeting at church tonight. She has been baptized, but you are not an official church member until you take this one class. This was the first time that we have been able to do it-I went with her so she wouldn't have to go alone. 
  • It was actually a good class-the reviewed salvation. what our church believes, touched on the SBC-there were about 15 pages of information that we went over during the class. Plus there was supper from Firehouse Subs and a little dessert. 
  • When we did leave, we went straight to pick up Anderson, Graham and Campbell from Rock Creek.We had to wait just a few minutes, but not too long for them. Then it was home for supper number 2. (This is why I can't ever lose any weight)
  • Our soup was good, Robby had even made cornbread, and Keaton stirred up some brownies for dessert. The Wilsons came over and ate with us. They stayed for a bit, but when they left the weekend was over. 
  • We picked up for a little bit. And I pulled out school for tomorrow. Campbell was not happy with me when she realized that quite a few of her friends don't have school tomorrow. She even told me that it was so unfair. To which I reminded her that life is sure not fair at all.

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