February 17, 2022

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  • It was stormy and perfect this morning in bed. It would have been a perfect morning to just stay in bed-even Bentley knew this. Or possibly the thunder made her a bit nervous-she laid right down on our bed on top of my legs and stayed there until I pulled her up closer to us. 
  • She might have just stayed most of the morning in the bed-except that I had to be a grown up and get out of the bed. I did my morning laundry and dishes this morning, and then I tried to wake up the kids. Waking them up took a little bit of work this morning.
  • Eventually everyone was awake, and I did our morning reading. We are reading one book right now that I just love-A Place to Hang the Moon. It is a kids book, but I am just adoring it. 
  • After reading, Whitman and Graham went to town on making waffles. I figure that anytime they are cooking, that is school as well so I need to relax about checking off the list. Campbell made some of Shannon's famous chocolate chip cookies this afternoon, and they were delicious. She hasn't perfected the recipe enough for us to start selling the cookies yet, but maybe soon.
  • I finished my school work around 12:30. And after eating my lunch, I finally talked myself into walking on the treadmill. When I started, my big toe was just killing me-like "ouch" every time I took a step.
  • I finally had to stop. So I sat down and looked at my shoe-there was a hole in the bottom. And really a hole in the bottom of each one. I guess I need new treadmill shoes! Thankfully, I do have other shoes that I was able to walk in without pain!
  • Reagan and Anderson were home at a decent time today. Reagan's last class was cancelled-actually it has been cancelled more than she has met this semester-maybe I should ask for my money back. I guess it is an easy grade for her though.
  • The afternoon was kind of quiet-I two played games with Campbell, Keaton and Whitman. We eventually went to help with the neighbors dogs. And finally it was supper time. Reagan arrived home from her Bible study as Robby was pulling the pizzas out of the oven. 
  • There wasn't enough for Robby and I to eat so I had dumplings and Robby had left over tacos. When we finished eating, we did start a movie-and of course there is ice cream for dessert. Now, yes, we have recently purchased 14 tubs of Blue Bell, but we aren't even eating it because we like chocolate peanut butter ice cream better.

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