March 16, 2022

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  • I woke up well before my alarm clock this morning. Robby went to the bathroom-well, I thought he did, but he never came back to bed. I eventually figured that he was running, so I finally got myself out of bed-by this time it was well after my alarm should have gone off. 
  • The kids had just as much trouble getting out of bed as I did. I had to work hard to make sure that everyone was out of bed and doing what they were supposed to be doing (I did come home around 12:15 and found Reagan still in bed which made me made as a hornet-in her defense she had been up already this morning, but I was still pretty hot.)
  • Anderson worked at Raymar from nine until noon. Robby took him there, and I picked him up after Bible study. Keaton, Campbell, Whitman and I finished with Bible study and then ran (literally) into Hobby Lobby to buy a notebook for Keaton. She had been watching it for weeks waiting on it to go on sale. We made it to Raymar just as Anderson was finishing up so that all worked our perfectly.
  • I was home long enough to do a tiny bit of homework with Anderson before it was time for me to leave again. This time it was Reagan and me going to North Little Rock. 
  • Since Reagan didn't do as well as she needed to on the ACT, there is another test that she can take so she can take her concurrent class next fall. Two parts she needed to pass-Reading and Math. Today she took the reading part (10 dollars, take it anytime, just 20 questions). It was at Pulaski Tech, and it took us forever to find the building that it was in. 
  • She got the score that she needed so we now have to start studying for the hard part-the math section. That is fine though, we have all summer long-though my goal is May. After the test, of course she had to have some Sonic on the way home.
  • I was then home for about 30 minutes before leaving again to take Anderson to his Dgroup. I dropped him off there before running to the library. I ended up at Nonna and Pops' house since I had a little bit of time. I visited with them before meeting everyone else at church. Reagan drove her and the other kids.
  • After church, Reagan went to meet her Dgroup at ChickFilA before coming home. The rest of us went to work on cleaning the house and finishing the last bit of packing. Afterwards, the kids had their supper and I finally sat down to eat mine at 9:15. I was super glad that I started my Wednesday off with a Wednesday bagel. 

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