March 7, 2022

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  • Two loads of laundry to fold this morning was how I started my Monday morning. At least I had already prepared myself for this last night as I was trying to get them both dry before going to sleep. Since Reagan and Anderson had been gone this weekend, they had plenty of laundry for me.
  • I was able to zoom through our morning reading and even able to read a good little bit from our books that we have been reading. Oh, it is just so delightful. There are quite a few parts that make me want to cry in it-in today's reading, the kids have left the place where they were staying and being taken in by the town librarian. 
  • After reading, everyone did start on their school work. Reagan sometimes takes a morning nap, but I think that she worked all morning long on her stuff. It did seem like she had a lot of school work today; however, I know that she is working ahead on quite a few things.
  • The kids always have a set list of chores to do each day. They also have at least one extra chore each day. For example, Reagan's today was vacuuming the downstairs. Keaton and Graham had the most helpful chore of cutting a flat of strawberries that Robby bought yesterday. Campbell didn't want to miss out on that fun, so of course she helped. And since Whitman was finishing up his school work at that time, he sure wanted to help. That was all fine because it was one less thing for me to do-though I did have to clean up strawberry juice from all over the kitchen.
  • Once I finished school it was well after 2. That was fine because today we did not have to leave the house at all, and it was absolutely wonderful. 
  • I did plenty of stalling this afternoon, and then I did walk on the treadmill for a bit. The kids were in and out this afternoon while I was working on supper. I slaved away-not really! I just heated up tons of leftovers, and after eating we hardly made a dent in them.
  • After we all finished supper, some folk showered and some went straight to their devices. Whitman is currently making a trap to catch Bentley-I am not too sure how well that is all going to go over. And I am planning on watching a movie!

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