March 14, 2022

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  • Oh, man it was super hard for me to get out of bed this morning. Robby said that he didn't sleep well, and I didn't really either. Well, I would wake up cold and then wake up again sweaty hot. I am not too sure how long that all lasted. Despite all of that, I still managed to wake up at a decent time.
  • I started waking up the kiddos, emptying the dishwasher, taking the dog out and speed folding my clothes. Soon it was time to start our work together stuff. I am trying really hard to finish reading a book this week-I still have 20 percent so I don't think I am going to get it done.
  • Last night I had assumed that I would be doing school until at least 3, but I was finished a good bit before that so that was super nice. Mondays are the craziest day-everyone is home, and everyone has a lot of school to do. (For example, each week Whitman now has about 35 things to do-today, I had him do around 15 of those things.) 
  • After helping Anderson and then Reagan, I ended up playing Clue with Graham, Keaton, and Campbell. I have not played Clue in a really long time-maybe so long that the last time we played it, no one could really play it. Now they can all figure it out, and it was pretty fun to play. Campbell was the big winner for that game.
  • I then walked on the treadmill. Actually, the treadmill is getting a lot of use lately. Robby does his hour every single day. I walk 4 times a week for 45 minutes. Keaton and Campbell have started walking on it too. I decided that this a good habit for them and decided to encourage it. I told them I would give them 20 dollars if they walked/ran 100 miles. Today Graham decided that he definitely wanted in on this challenge as well.
  • Robby, Whitman and I went to Walmart for a crazy long time late this afternoon. Whitman needed a hair cut plus the mini van battery was not working. The test on the battery lasted an hour and a half (only to find out the battery was bad and we needed a new one) while we shopped. 
  • And shopped we did-we tried to buy everything that we could think of for this weekend. And we did-except for all of the things that we have to get at Sams and Kroger!
  • Back at home, we unloaded groceries before making supper. We are trying to clean out the fridge so tonight we had to make orange chicken so we could finish off the rice and noodles from the last time we made the chicken. 
  • Then Robby and I worked on camper food before we came back in for pie! Since today was PI day, we celebrated with some chocolate pie. Campbell didn't think that she liked pie, but she decided that maybe she did after all. I knew I like pie-I have been thinking about pie for days.

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