March 25, 2022

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  • As the week has gone on, I have become less and less productive. It is my Spring Break after all as well. I did walk on the treadmill, empty the dishwasher, fold the clothes and go to the library before any of the kids woke up this morning so I guess that was a decent start to the morning.
  • I guess that isn't such an amazing feat since I had to wake everyone up except for Graham at 11 this morning. He was still laying in his bed when I went up to start waking up the crew.
  • Anderson and I did have to do a bit of spring break school work today. It didn't take him long at all so that was good-there is a lot more school work that he could have done this week, but that sure didn't happen. Reagan has as least done some of her school work this week-they have plenty of time on Monday though to get things done.
  • My trip the library today did lead to me spending a good bit of the day and hopefully the rest of the evening reading. I have been not so patiently waiting for my book to become available so I was glad that it arrived.
  • I also realized that I have now checked out more books than can possibly be read this school year. We just have about one more month of school so I don't think that I can get any more books from the library for us to read in our group time. That makes my heart sad-I have about 300 books on my "for later" list. Most of those are books to read to the kids during school time.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over today for lunch-we had lots of leftovers from last night so we made a little bit of a bent in them. That was good at least. I was certain that we would have a ton of baked potatoes left over yesterday and had even looked up some ideas to reuse them; however, there were hardly any left which was a good thing.
  • After they left, I went to pick up Keaton's little friend to play for the afternoon. They spent a good deal of time in the kitchen cooking and outside playing volleyball. The volleyball net is still up, and everyone has enjoyed playing on it-in and out all day long.
  • When Keaton's friend left, we picked up Campbell's friend to come over for the evening. They haven't yet cooked anything, but have been outside playing volleyball and on the trampoline. At one point this evening while all of the kids except Reagan were outside, Robby and I left to pick up supper.
  • ChickFilA was on the menu for some, but quite a few of us didn't want that so we opted for pizza. We ordered extra pizza so we will have some for tomorrow. Right now there is basketball on tv, everyone is inside and I am cuddled up under a blanket and am about to pick up my book (I have two to choose from-one about essay writing and the one I really want to read.)

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