March 23, 2022

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  • I tell you, spring break is tough. I have walked more steps today than I did when we were at Silver Dollar City, and I haven't even taken the dog on a walk today. Last night before bed, we had completely filled the bar with about 5 loads of clothes for me to fold. 
  • So that was the first task of my day. Well, actually I worked on that for most of the morning long. I would only fold 20 things at a time and then go and do something else. I did finish before noon so that was a good thing.
  • I was able to work on some school things for next week plus some things for this summer. While I was sitting there working on my computer, I realized that it was super cold in this house. I had to stop and had me some hot chocolate.
  • I didn't realize that if it was cold inside, then it sure would be cold outside. I took Bentley outside to potty, and I almost froze to death. I sure didn't wait for her to potty out there. She wasn't quick so I took her back in.
  • I stalled most of the morning trying to avoid the laundry and the treadmill, but eventually I did have to finish them both. After finishing the treadmill, Robby and I ran some errands. We went to Sams, Walmart and Costco. We had intended to go to Kroger to, but we just ran out of time.
  • Our next mission was to clean the camper. It doesn't take long, but it isn't our favorite thing to do. However, it about 30 minutes Robby and I had cleaned that camper pretty good.
  • We then heated up BBQ for our supper. I did got outside to play a game of Newcomb (I'm not sure at all about the spelling there) with the kids. Reagan didn't play since Kennedy is over, and they were chatting upstairs.
  • Once supper and game time was over, Robby and I went back out to the camper to restock it-4 laundry baskets full of stuff to take out there and put away. That didn't take too long either and soon we were back inside watching a Hallmark movie. Keaton and Whitman are pretty interested in it too tonight!

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