March 10, 2022

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  • Some days I wake up before my alarm goes off, and I have a bit of time to just lay in the bed and do nothing before starting the day. Now, even on those days I should already be out of the bed and working, but choose not to. Today though, when I did wake up, I was just awake. It didn't help that Bentley did lick my face this morning. 
  • After this I didn't stay in bed too much longer. There were the dishes plus the laundry to fold. I even had time to brush Bentley for a little bit. She doesn't seem to be shedding as much right now, but not shedding much still means handfuls of hair. She is little diva though because when you brush her, she just stands so still and tall. And I think that she really enjoys it.
  • Reagan and Anderson went to school this morning. They weren't there too crazy long since Reagan's last class didn't happen. I'm not a complainer, but her last class has probably happened 50% of the time. I probably shouldn't give her credit for it, but since I'm paying for it, it will be counted. Kind of reminds me of my classes at Fair where I learned to be craps and throw some gang signs.
  • Anyway, the rest of us flew through our work together. I had saved one little work together thing for tomorrow, but I just don't see how that will happen at all because tomorrow is turning into a busy day.
  • Everyone did well on finishing their school-even Whitman who I had to get a little fussy with. He spent 15 minute just staring at a page. All he had to do on that page was write 6 words-I finally snatched his paper from him and told him to go and read. Ugh. Sometimes he can be so focused and other times not at all.
  • We finished in time for Keaton and Graham to make some cookies. We delivered two pans of cookies after we finished baking them. We made well over a hundred cookies. Campbell even made a dessert and delivered it to some folks yesterday-maybe we are becoming a little bit like Nonna's friend the cookie lady.
  • Keaton and I went to the pregnancy center for a bit this afternoon. We spent the entire time that we were there making bags of diapers. Keaton kept telling me that we had plenty, but I told her we were going to completely fill those baskets up, and we sure did.
  • Back at home, we were going to have to wait to make supper tonight until after Reagan's D group, but it was cancelled tonight. So that meant that supper could be earlier. Keaton saw on my phone that we made homemade pizzas a year ago today-and that was already what was on the menu for today. 
  • The kids all enjoy making their pizzas-it does take a while and makes a mess of the kitchen. I felt like I had been in the kitchen all day long tonight by the time that supper was finished. Our pizzas were pretty good-we didn't dally eating, because I had mentioned that I needed new leggings so we headed to Costco to buy some.
  • I had seen leggings the other day there on a very good sale-but I talked myself out of them since I didn't really need them-I thought. Except today, I realized that one of my pairs have a whole so I did neat them. It was a profitable shopping trip-Keaton, Campbell and I bought leggings, Campbell also got a shirt. 
  • And after getting gas at Kroger, I found Campbell a jacket for 3 something. We didn't have much time once we came home because after I worked on the blog and all too soon it was bedtime for the crew.

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