March 28, 2022

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  • Oh a Monday after a break! Just delightful. Actually, today wasn't too bad at all. We seemed to move quickly through all of our school work. 
  • The main difficulty today was Bentley. She wanted to play all morning long and would sit on books and step on computers trying to get our attention. Even though she was given lots of attention, she wanted her toy thrown over and over again.
  • Anderson had a good bit of school work today but so did Reagan. I even let her skip her math to concentrate on her math for an upcoming test. 
  • Everyone was finished with things by 12:30 except for me working with Whitman which I did later this afternoon. I did take Anderson and Graham to Pops' house to help him pick up sticks for a while. They even managed to get lunch and a few snacks out of the deal.
  • When I did come back home, I worked with Whitman then walked on the treadmill. After I finished, I walked down the steps to see 2 things that I had ordered. The first was a handwriting book for one of the kids, and the second was scissors for Bentley.
  • It didn't take too long for Keaton, Campbell and I to go to town trimming the mess out of that dog. We put Bentley on the patio table out back, and while one of us brushed her the others trimmed her toes, legs, tummy, ears, and tail. 
  • I do think that she looks better though some 16 year old members of our family who shall remain nameless think we messed her up. She is a dog after all and her hair will grow back, but overall, Bentley must feel better with 10 pounds of hair gone.
  • After her trim, she also received a bath. Now, I really thought about painting the dogs toenails too, but people toenail polish is probably not that good for dogs. Plus there were real things to do on my to do list like working on the kids' clothes.
  • For supper we used up what all was in the fridge. Now, this did send Robby on a quick trip to the Dollar General to look for pepperoni. Unfortunately, they didn't have any, but we made do and had plenty of leftovers to add to the ever growing leftover section in the fridge.
  • The kids went out to play a game for a little bit after supper. I had already played a game of Sorry this afternoon so I opted out for that game and instead found my spot in my chair in front of the tv for the evening.

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