March 31, 2022

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  • I was up a good bit last night in the middle of the night. I had a tiny tickle causing me to cough though I was trying not to cough so I didn't wake up Robby. This constant debate in my head-to cough or not to cough-made me just wide awake, so I played some of my games on my phone in the middle of the night for a good while.
  • Eventually, I did put the phone down and go sound to sleep even missing Bentley waking up at 6:30 and getting into bed with us. I did eventually get out of bed a bit after my alarm rang this morning because there was just so much to do-and actually, when I look at my list, it looks like I left a bunch of those things for tomorrow.
  • Reagan and Anderson headed off to school today. They had a long day since Reagan had to stay for her last class. She hasn't been able to find her class for the last few weeks and has assumed that the teacher hasn't been showing up. However, we did find out later that the teacher had been showing up, but the classroom had been moved! 
  • The rest of us zoomed through today's school-I even tried to get some school pulled out for next week which is a bit crazy since Robby and I aren't even going to be here. 
  • Robby did take Campbell, Graham and Keaton to get their second covid shot. They even did a bit of shopping for Whitman's birthday party. Earlier this week, Sams didn't even have vanilla cupcakes since they couldn't get any-so today they found some at Kroger saving me and Campbell from having to make some.
  • The highlight of the evening was our first soccer practice. Robby had asked Reagan to help, but she reminded him that she had Dgroup tonight. Robby has a pretty good team-Keaton and Campbell are on it. That was the first practice-we did go to practice bundled up since Raymar is always windier and colder than anywhere else.
  • Whitman's practice was an hour later and about 30 degrees colder. Bless Whitman has other strengths that aren't soccer for sure. He did enjoy being goalie, but he can nut do anything fast to save his soul. (We are going to work on that!)
  • When we came home, we all huddled in the kitchen and tried to eat all of our leftovers-an impossible task. Then Campbell and I ran to go and put the neighbor's chickens up-I'm just like a modern day farm hand!

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