March 24, 2022

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  •  I think that I could get used to this Spring Break living-well, yesterday I worked hard, and today, not so much! Ha! I did my normal things this morning, and then I had to wait on the kids to wake up. 
  • I needed to do some school work with Anderson (we never did), I needed Whitman to read a book (he did), I needed to put some medicine on his knee (did that too), I needed folks to start doing their chores (eventually happened), I needed to go through Whitman's clothes and switch out to his summer clothes (did that).
  • But I had to wait for what seemed like forever for these children to wake up. My goal had been to work on some more of the kids summer clothes this week, but that just isn't any fun at all. I was able to go through Whitman's new clothes bins quickly, but no one else has bins of extra clothes to go through so theirs is just cleaning and straightening. Maybe tomorrow...and really maybe not!
  • This afternoon I took myself a good little nap-we had worked plenty making desserts for tonight and then I had spent a good deal of the morning cleaning around here. 
  • While I was napping, Robby worked some in the yard-the big boys had even picked up some sticks this morning for quite a long time. Reagan was out and about with Kennedy. They ran to Target and Goodwill-Keaton was disappointed because she super wants to go back to Goodwill soon.
  • The highlight of today was definitely having a houseful of people here to celebrate the Hogs win. I did not have too high of hopes for the game tonight, but I was pleasantly surprised. I think that count was 35 folks here for supper tonight-we haven't had a big crew over in a while so the evening was a lot of fun.
  • This evening when all our folks left, Keaton went to town cleaning-I think that she cleaned most of the kitchen herself. I hadn't asked for any help yet-she just did it. I knew she was my favorite! (Kidding, they're all my favorites.)

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