March 3, 2022

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  • Every morning Bentley gets out of her kennel and rolls around on the floor for a good while. This morning as soon as I let her out, she realized that Whitman was still in my bedroom sleeping on the couch. 
  • Bentley still did her rolling around and stretching, but the entire time her tail was whacking the floor she was so excited. When she finished her floor rolling, she headed to the couch. She climbed on top of sleeping Whitman and licked him until he was wide awake. Whitman didn't stay long in my room after that. When he did leave, Bentley just laid on the floor and ignored me!
  • Robby, Anderson and Graham headed home early this morning. We watched their progress during the day on their drive home. When the boys did get home, I could tell that they had had a really great time. They told me all about it.
  • I stared school with everyone this morning. Campbell and Keaton did a bit of grumbling about having to work together when no one else was around. I reminded them that next year it might just be us next year when we are working together. (I hated to break it to them, that unless the Comm Central schedule changes it will definitely be just the three of us two days a week working together.)
  • Everyone did their school work-Whitman even finished before noon including Bible study so that was a good thing. I was able to finish working with everyone else plus pull out most school for next week. 
  • Anderson had not been home too long when I took him to Raymar to work during soccer tryouts. He said that there were quite a few less people there today than on Tuesday, but he also said that they stayed busy the entire time.
  • I was able to walk on the treadmill this afternoon. About when I was finished, Robby left to pick up Anderson. While they were gone, I worked on supper. I followed by recipe and it turned out really good. However, I just made something like chili mac which I think I could have made from a box a bunch easier. 
  • It was good and all, and even killed hunger. So everyone did eat. Well, Reagan didn't since she was at her D Group this evening. When she did come home, she scooped up some of our supper to put in the fridge for tomorrow for her. 
  • Once things were cleaned up, Robby and I settled into our chairs to watch a little bit of tv.

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