March 30, 2022

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  • It seems like we have missed Bible study for quite a few weeks because it was kind of hard getting back in the swing of things today. When I finally woke Whitman up, he had about 10 minutes to get ready and grab his breakfast before we rolled out the door.
  • As we pulled up to the church house, I told the kids that it might just storm and to listen to their teachers. I wasn't sure if they were calling for tornadoes or not, but I wanted to warn them anyway. Thankfully, none of our kiddos are too bothered by storms.
  • Though on our way home, it sure did look like it was going to blow us all away. At one time, I even thought that I saw a cloud shaped like a tornado-I didn't, but it did make my heart skip a beat.
  • We made it in the house just about 2 minutes after the rain started pouring. We didn't have too much down time this afternoon because soon Reagan was leaving.
  • Today she started her first job-wowzers, my baby is growing up. Last week, or possibly the week before, a lady called asking if Reagan would like to work for them. They are photographers, who live just a few miles from our house, and need help getting their pictures ready. She is making above minimum wage and seems that she will be able to work anytime she would like. Hopefully, it will be the perfect gig for her.
  • She was gone until church time while the rest of us went about our afternoon. I was able to work with everyone on their school work. Most folks finished fairly quickly though Whitman tried to do his work with his ipad in front of him (he just had math). I would work with Anderson and then come back to see Whitman had only done one problem. He eventually figured it out and turned the ipad off to complete his work.
  • We went to church a few minutes early tonight to take Anderson to his Dgroup. While he was there, we ran to the library and then met Reagan to learn all about her afternoon. Afterwards, it was time for church. I logged quite a few steps tonight walking around with kids this evening.
  • The car Reagan drives needed gas and so did the minivan, so we all met up with Robby after church at Kroger to fill up all of the cars. It wasn't pleasant! Yikes! 
  • When we did get home, we all ate our suppers while catching up on the day. Keaton moved up to the preteens for tonight only, and Campbell moved up to the youth so they had lots to say. It has been a busy day for sure!

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