March 22, 2022-Spring Break Week 2022

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We were up early this morning so we could make our way to the Walmart down the road. They were having a Blackstone even there with Todd Toven. Robby has a blackstone for the camper, and he would love to have another one at home if we had a covered patio. 

The kids were not too sure at all why in the world we were planning on going to a Walmart for 4 hours to watch a man cook. However, I do think that the enjoyed it-well, they enjoyed watching him cook the first thing, they enjoyed the candy I let them buy inside Walmart, they enjoyed walking around Walmart alone, they enjoyed sitting in the car on their devices, and they enjoyed the cookies we had Graham go in the store and buy them.

Robby and I enjoyed it too-Robby left with a hat and some sauce. Plus we both left with a full stomach. First the guy made street tacos which were by far the favorite. We even had seconds of that. Then he made tortellini with spinach, sausage, peppers and tomatoes. Campbell ate a bit of hers, and Keaton didn't even want any but did go through the line to get some to give to us-so we had seconds of that as well. Next up was bacon fried corn-just what it sounds like: corn and bacon. It was good, but man if you had seen that grease, it made it hard for me to eat it. (Thankfully my stomach survived.) And finally, it was a cajun dish-rice, sausage, celery (nasty), onions and possibly other things. Robby tried this one, but we were not fans-it was probably good, but too spicy for me and too veggie for Robby.

The weather was a bit chilly when we arrived. Thankfully, Shannon had blankets there that we used to wrap up in. At the end the sun did come out which warmed us up for sure. That was nice-the sun would have been nice afterwards as well.

We made it back to the camper with the sun still shining. The kids played outside for a few minutes while we worked inside getting things ready. And then, the rain started. It was slow at first, but while we were loading the car-pouring, absolutely pouring. 

And not only was it pouring but it was crazy windy too. It took Robby 3 tries to get the car on the dolly since he kept sliding-all of this while Anderson and I were just standing in the driving rain. Anderson, Robby and I were drenched. At least Robby and I had on our rain jackets. But I guess that didn't help-he had to change clothes. Anderson changed his clothes as well and even had to change his undies he was so soaking.

By the time they were in dry clothes, the rain had pretty much slacked off. Of course that is how things are! We didn't really have to drive in too much rain on the way home. It would start for a little bit and then stop, but it never was anything really heavy. 

We stopped once for Robby to go to the bathroom. Or maybe we stopped for the dog to go to the bathroom. Either way, we stopped and even I went to the bathroom. I know that I can get up and go anytime in that camper, but really, that isn't as easy as it sounds. Usually, I have to dog in my lap. Plus to get to the bathroom I have to climb over all of the legs and cords in the aisle. Then in the bathroom you feel like you are going to absolutely die-turbulence plus just hearing trucks go by you feet way is enough to cause a panic attack. By the time I manage to walk back to the front to my seat, some child is sitting in it. So yes, I try to wait until we are stopped to go to the bathroom. (It really isn't that bad, but it is still challenging.)

Once at home, it took us almost exactly 30 minutes to have the camper completely emptied out. The kids just walk and forth between the house taking loads. Most of the loads are laundry. Thankfully, everyone is willing to work (well, they really don't have a choice), but they are lots of help, and we get it all done quickly. Currently, 4 loads of laundry have been washed-all of them are still in the washer and dryers waiting on me.

The big boys are upstairs screaming on their xboxes. Whitman and Keaton just made pizza crackers for their suppers. Reagan had cereal and has migrated to her room. Campbell is texting me trying to convince me to let people come over. And Robby is sad that our trip is over and catching up on work. My next move is to work on the laundry (not folding) and then possibly eating Keaton's leftover soup.

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