March 5, 2022

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  • Robby had said that we were going to sleep until 11 today. It was a good plan, but it didn't happen. Bentley was up first to go to the bathroom, and of course Robby and I had to go to the bathroom as well. 
  • I guess we managed to stay in bed until 9 so that was decent at least. I did go out about 8 to take Bentley potty, but since I jumped back in bed that really didn't count. 
  • I did begrudgingly walk on the treadmill this morning. I didn't want to, but I am really trying to walk 4 times a week plus I really wanted to finish the movie that I was watching. So I did that before setting down to watch the Hogs play with everyone else in the living room.
  • I was awake the first half, but when the Hogs were down by so many points, I did go ahead and take my nap. And as I have said for a while, the Hogs do seem to do better when I am sleeping. Unfortunately, I did wake up the last few minutes when the yelling in the living room became a bit crazy.
  • The outcome wasn't like the boys wanted it to be, but that was fine since we were soon headed shopping. Of course Campbell and Keaton wanted to go with us so the joined us. We went to Costco, Kroger, bought gas, Sams and Fulins. We didn't really buy a lot any where we went nor did we find any good deals.
  • We had some orange chicken left in the fridge, so we bought some fried rice to go with it. Robby wasn't sure how much to buy, so he bought two orders of it-we now have enough fried rice for 8 more meals possibly more. 
  • After supper the kids started on their showers, and Robby and I stared on a few movies. There has been talk of making snickerdoodles tonight, but I'm not sure if that is going to happen!

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