March 19, 2022-Spring Break 2022

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Camper sleeping was still good last night even though it took me a good bit to go to sleep. Once I did get to sleep, I slept soundly throughout the night. Well, we did wake up briefly when we heard a kerplunk. Robby jumped out of bed, but thankfully it wasn't her (top bunk), it was just Whitman (bottom bunk). He was already getting back into his bed. Robby tried to tuck him in pretty good so he wouldn't fall out again.

The morning was kind of slow. As soon as the kids woke up, they headed outside with all of the others. I think that Keaton and Graham were the first ones awake and outside today. Soon everyone was outside-most folks cooked a big breakfast this morning, but we just snacked on our breakfasts. We toyed with the idea of making pancakes for lunch, but by then there were ballgames on, and we opted for an easy lunch as well.

We headed to the park around 2 this afternoon. It was nice to see folks leaving for the day when we were just getting there. The only think on the must do list for today was cinnamon bread which we did easily accomplish. The first order of business was Thunderation. We all rode it-it is not my favorite ride at all. There is one part of the ride, the I hold my head during. Otherwise, it just shakes the fire out of my head. 

After that ride, we met up with the others at the Flooded Mine. Well, this wasn't all of the others-there were just 20 of us. My score was crazy high-I believe it was 600,000. High enough that I possibly should sign up for some shooting competition. I must have just gotten lucky since I'm not too sure that I have any real skill in that department.

From there my crew went to one of the big roller coasters. We picked up some Heltz along with way. We went one place and the line was crazy long so we went another place. The kids did ride the log ride while Robby and I sat down to eat some of our cheese, sausage and crackers from our bag. We were living it up with fancy snacks today.

Then they went off to the Barnyard Swings with Wes. They were all seated on the swings when that ride stopped. It worked out well for them because they were given Silver Dollar City's version of a Fastpass. They used those at Time Traveler where the lady didn't take them up. So they then went to Powder Keg to use them. 

That worked out perfectly because as soon as they were finished with that ride, we met up with everyone else. They were all donning their ponchos and getting ready for the water raft ride. Our kids all headed that way as well. They were able to go on that ride twice-while we sat and ate our loaf of cinnamon bread.

As soon as they were off the water ride, we high tailed it back to the car. That is where I passed out the girls' loaf of cinnamon bread and the boy's loaf of cinnamon bread. They ate those on the way home. Once we were home, the kids all changed into dry clothes while Robby once again went to do a load of laundry. Robby and I both worked on shoving newspaper into all of the soaking wet shoes-I pretty much cleaned out all of the Silver Dollar City newspapers on the way out of the park. 

Soon it was time for the Hogs to play tonight. Andrew set up a projector at our campsite and Casey made the fire. We hung lights and it was a party. As the game was on, Robby worked on our supper-quesadillas. It is a Dennie family favorite for sure. 

The game was an eventful one for sure. We had our tv going which was super behind compared to the huge projector tv. I was facing our little tv so I always knew what was happening before it happened. I am that kind of person-I always read the last few pages of a book first so this did help my anxiety during the game. Actually, I had the Hogs losing tonight on my bracket, but I was still rooting for them to win.

After the Hogs game, we all watched the end of another game before starting to pick up for the evening. We had the outside to pick up plus the inside-laundry to fold, dishes to wash, beds to make. It was a lot. It is just about midnight-Robby and I are still waiting to get into the bathroom to get ourselves ready for bed. 

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