March 17, 2022-Spring Break 2022

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It has only been since December that we have used the camper, but it feels like it has been forever. Robby and I have worked quite a bit this week getting everything back in working order. We didn't have too much to do-I just had to reload and restock all the things. He had to make sure that every little thing was still working. By this morning though we were ready!

When it was time to wake up the crew this morning, there was no one that was up bright and chipper. Anderson and Reagan headed off to Comm Central for their two classes. We were making skip her last class today-we have our priorities in the right order.

The rest of us started on our reading aloud. I read history and then science. Then we finished the book that we had been reading. Oh, it was really the best book. You know a book is a good when even Graham is upset that it is over and wanted there to be a sequel. 

Everyone did their school work finishing all of their lists for the week. Soon everyone was indeed finished including Whitman. Campbell did take a break from her work to give Bentley a bath. Since she did that for us, I let her save a school thing for next week.

Robby took some of the kids on a candy run. They grabbed a few things that they needed for the drive up to Branson. Soon everything in the camper was finished, and everything in the house was also finished, and we were just waiting on Reagan and Anderson to come home. 

As soon as they drove up, everyone else was already in the camper-well, Whitman did get in the camper about an hour early. That was fine though because the games were on in the camper and stayed on the entire trip to Branson.

We had a pleasant drive to Branson. We didn't get into much traffic at all except in Harrison, and we didn't have to stop at all. There are really only three reasons that we have to stop now-to fill up with gas, for Robby to use the restroom or for the dog to go potty. We didn't need any of those things on the way up here.

When we arrived at the campground, the Fergies and Crafts were already at the playground. My crew joined them as Robby and I found our spot and unloaded the car. We leveled and were soon walking back to the playground. It is a neat little playground with a basketball goal so even my big boys were pleased.

We chatted for a good while before eventually walking back to the camper and turning on the oven. Tonight's meal was a winner-manicotti and garlic knots. The manicotti is a Dennie family favorite. I really like to too because it was frozen and all ready to go with no prep (plus since its in a throw away pan, the clean up was super simple.) 

Since our supper didn't take long at all, we were able to focus on all of the basketball games. During one round of games we went to Casey's camper and made some s'mores. During another round of games, Andrew brought over cake. 

By the end of the evening, it started to rain a little bit so the party broke up quite a bit. Currently, Robby and most of the kids are standing under the awning outside watching the Hogs game on the tv. Whitman, Reagan and I are inside where it is nice and warm and dry. From the sounds of things, it sounds like things are going our way right now!

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