March 29, 2022

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  • This morning I was the one staying in the bed until the very last minute. I still managed to fold my laundry and empty the dishwasher but just barely. It was a little bit easier getting the kids downstairs today though since Whitman was already awake, and Reagan and Anderson were heading to Comm Central.
  • We did our morning reading-I have about 25 books that I have to finish reading to everyone before the end of the year. That is about 1 book a day for the rest of our school which is a lot of reading. 
  • School was a bit disorganized today since as soon as Keaton and Graham were finished they went on a run. Whitman didn't want to be left out, so he joined them in the middle of his school on their last little bit.
  • Speaking of running/walking-Campbell and Reagan also went on runs today. I have ponied up 20 dollars for anyone that walks/runs a hundred miles. I will say that this has sure gotten the kids outside a bit more. It really isn't too big of a commitment that I have made-I am just paying them 20 cents a mile....shh, don't tell them though.
  • After school, I some how ended up working in the yard outside with Robby. We worked long enough to recruit Campbell, Keaton and Whitman to help a bit. Well, I did that because Robby kept wondering off having to do real work. I paid them off with a gatorade.
  • Then Graham was our next victim followed by Anderson. I think that they might just be turning into pretty decent workers-when we asked them to just help us with 4 loads of leaves to the woods, Anderson replied, "that's all?"
  • After a bit of work, some of us headed out to eat and to the grocery store. Keaton and Campbell went with us. We choose Cracker Barrel-hmm, we should have just gone with our On the Border-they never fail us. 
  • Service was slow, my chicken and dumplings were cool, the girls chicken looked tough, the hashbrown casserole was salty, Campbell's plate was chipped, and Robby was given and charged for extra hashbrowns. And hey, we aren't usually picky when it comes to eating out. Of course we didn't say anything at all-the server man was nice at least. And my dumplings will be delicious tomorrow when I can put them in the microwave.
  • Anderson and Reagan went back to the church house tonight for a school talent show. Don't be surprised but they were not in it. They seemed to enjoy it though-or maybe they just enjoyed their trip to ChickFilA that their father funded on the way there.
  • When we finished our grocery shopping, we ran by another ChickFilA to pick up supper for Graham. Whitman just wanted a grilled cheese-really, why would he not want ChickFilA. Doesn't he know that some people call it Jesus food?
  • Once we call made it back home, we unloaded groceries and finally started the last bit of the second movie I started last night. Ice cream is soon!

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