March 18, 2022-Spring Break 2022

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Oh, sleeping always just seems so wonderful in this camper (well, there was that time last year in Florida when I was eat up by itchy bugs and stayed awake most of the night slathering creams on my body and taking showers.) But, last night the sleeping was great.

Bentley was not happy about being in her kennel. Robby even let her fuss for a few minutes before we put her in bed with us. She went right to sleep and so did we. The rain was mostly a pitter patter throughout the night, but sometime during the early morning, the rain started up pretty good. 

It would start raining really heavy (Casey said it was even hail) which would briefly wake us up for a second, but we would then go right on back to sleep. This happened a few times before it was finally time to wake up. The rain came and went a good while this morning.

We would walk around outside some during the breaks, and the kids were pretty anxious to get going to Silver Dollar City. We really had low expectations today despite hoping that the rain would keep the crowds away. This is spring break week for quite a few states plus the park hasn't been opened too long this season. (Yesterday, the weather was perfect and the park was absolutely packed).

We did not have a fancy breakfast as Whitman calls it. Fancy breakfasts are made outside and have all of the yummy breakfast foods. It was just cereal and the like today. All too soon it was time for lunch-all of my people had paninis. 

We have a little panini maker in the camper which makes one at a time. That is plenty, but when yours is 7th on the list, it takes a while to get your sandwich heated up. I do believe that the reason everyone wanted the sandwiches warm was because it was downright cold today. The high was early this morning and the temperature just continued to drop plus there was more wind as the day went on.

Around 12:15 we left to head to Silver Dollar City. The others had left a few minutes before. There was no traffic today getting into the park so we hustled to stay warm all the way to the entrance. The app is nice because we were able to see how long the waits were.

This is the first year that Keaton and Whitman have been able to ride every single ride here (Wildfire and Time Traveler have been the ones that they have not yet been able to ride.) There wasn't a wait at Wildfire and since none of the Fergies and Crafts kiddos ride big rides, we headed there first. Of course they all loved it.

Then we went to Powder Keg where they were next in line as the rain began again which shut down the ride. The rain continued off and on for the rest of the day-it was just a slight little mist, but enough to make you cool. We then let the kids ride Outlaw Run before meeting up with the rest of the crew at the dog show. It was a cute little show and a warm little spot for a while. When we did leave, the noticed that the temperature had really cooled off while we were inside. 

We then walked to the smaller section-some kids rode the swings followed by the teacups. Then it was on to Time Traveler for my crew. They had so much fun that they rode it twice. Then it was on to Fire in the Hole with some of the Crafts. We all rode that ride.

Afterwards, we sent Campbell, Whitman and Keaton to ride the Barnyard Swings while the rest of us found a warm-ish spot to eat outside. We had some turkey, bbq, mac and cheese and a roll. It was a yummy little snack which gave us energy for the walk back to the car.

Now, while we were seated there-we did look over and saw the new water ride. We have told the kids that they would be able to do it. However, when we started to think about tomorrow's forecasted beautiful weather, then we decided that we should give them the option right then since tomorrow's lines will be certainly long.

They all decided to go-some took off coats, some put some on. They all had a strategy about how to stay the most dry. We assured them that they we were going to head straight to the car after the ride. We were able to see them float past us twice. Once they looked dry and once they did not. I think the report was that Reagan was crying she was so wet and miserable. Campbell, who really wanted to get wet, stayed pretty dry.

We hightailed it to the car, only stopping to get a coke and a hot chocolate on the way out of the park. Once we made it back to the camper, there was almost a fist fight for the first shower. Whitman won since he was the first one to get completely naked. I had to let him take a shower first.

Since most folks were wet, we also decided to do some laundry tonight. It is chilly enough that only Keaton and Campbell ventured out-there is only kids out there since the adults seem to have more sense. We had tortellini for supper. Well, the kids did. Robby and I had potato soup which was super perfect this evening. 

Robby and I took a short walk this evening with the dog, and it was just plain cold. Currently, the camper is cozy, dessert is cookies later on this evening, and Robby is about to bring in our warm laundry for me to fold.

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