March 21, 2022-Spring Break 2022

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We had planned on pulling out around 9ish this morning, but it ended up being a bit later than that though. That was fine since we are on vacation, and there is no schedule. Robby was awake before me. He then went outside to start unhooking while I did around inside trying to do what I could to get the inside ready.

Once I was ready, I walked with him to take out the trash, let Bentley potty and ask about propane (they didn't want to sell him any.) When we did leave, Robby said that there were 3 different choices of roads to get to Fayetteville. He said that he tried to pick the easiest (least curvy) route, but I am not so sure that he did.

Well, Keaton, Graham and Anderson all complained of being a bit car sick so the front of the camper was kind of full on the drive. It wasn't horrible though, and we all survived. Robby did have to stop once to go to the bathroom so that give folks a chance to walk around a little bit.

Thankfully, the rain only sprinkled on us a little bit which made the drive a bit easier. When we arrived at the Road Hog RV Park it didn't take us any time at all to find out spot, unhook and back in. It also wasn't raining then either. 

After a bit, we started on lunches. Ramen for Reagan, hotpockets for Keaton, Campbell and Whitman, mac and cheese and a corndog for Anderson, and leftover pizza for Graham. He asked if we had a toaster oven in the camper which we do not. Then he wanted the air fryer-it isn't that convenient to get out, but since we did for him, I decided that I was going to use it too.

So I made pizzas on tortillas for Robby and me. It was actually pretty good-it was warm which was pretty important since the weather has turned chilly again on us. After eating, we decided that who ever wanted to could go to the mall. We took Bentley on a quick walk before leaving-that is when it started raining.

We then dealt with the rain for the rest of the day. Reagan really likes a store at the mall here (remember the girls and Robby drove up for the day one time) so we went there first. She tried on a sweater but decided that it was too expensive. I encouraged her to buy it anyway...because she was pretty much offered a job today (Someone called us asking about her-more details to come when we find out more.)

The mall was a bit sad and didn't take us long to walk around. We spent more time and more money in Aldi afterwards. A half gallon of chocolate milk was 89 cents-Anderson didn't understand why we didn't buy more than 2. We even found some cheesecake and cookies for tonight.

Back at the camper, it was absolutely pouring so we didn't even give Bentley the chance to leave to potty before we put her up. This time we were heading out for supper at the grilled cheese place. Graham has been wanting to return there for a long time, so today we did.

And really, we were kind of disappointed. Robby and I are never really folks that just love eating out. We usually leave a restaurant and say that we can mark it off of the list. This was one of those places. Now, the sweet potato fries were delicious along with Keaton's black bean soup (that she didn't like). Bless Whitman, he just got the kid's meal grilled cheese, but he didn't like the sourdough bread or the cheese inside. Anderson's was the adult version of Whitman's and agreed. Robby and I felt like we needed sauce on ours.

Now, we are glad that we went and glad that we tried it and we will definitely try the sweet potato fries again. After our supper, we came back to the camper and turned the heat on. The rain did slack off for a few minutes so the kids played outside for a little bit. Then we found our spots and settled in to watch a movie, American Underdog.

That is actually what is about to happen right now. I am sure that there will be cheesecake and cookies in the middle of this movie. And we will probably even have a late bedtime tonight!

Update: we did have to have a break in the middle of the movie for cheesecake and cookies because the rain came down so hard that we could no longer hear the tv even though it was on the max volume. Currently, the rain is pretty heavy, but not extremely. I even took a very quick shower since it was thundering outside. Right now everyone is in their beds-tomorrow is a bit earlier than usual for us.

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