March 13, 2022

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  • We did pretty good this morning for it being time change and all. To even make things more difficult there were 2 loads of laundry to fold plus Whitman had to have a shower this morning. We manged just fine and were even at church in time to catch our breaths before church started.
  • After church there was Sunday school. I went all out this week-even brought a tent for us to do our Bible study in. The tent always seems bigger at home when it is crammed in one of the kids rooms. However, with me and 10 first graders in it, it didn't seem too big at all.
  • Lunch today was at Grannymom's house. She had a Mexican feast plus Oreo Delight. We watched the ballgame for a little bit and even played some cards. Whitman spent most of our time at Grannymom's house walking around outside playing with her last bits of snow.
  • Once at home, Campbell went to work baking brownies for Reagan to take to her lifegroup. If you don't already know it, Campbell is an excellent sister. Then Keaton and Campbell played Clue in the kitchen. Whitman stayed in the kitchen with them the whole time along with the dog so it left a quite nap time for me.
  • Soon it was time for everyone to start moving-Reagan went to her lifegroup. Anderson and Graham both had Lifegroups as well tonight. Theirs started 30 minutes before Reagans plus there were both in the same neighborhood as Reagans. Having another drive is really nice-she dropped off Anderson and then Graham and then got herself to hers.
  • Brett came and picked up Campbell to go to Rock Creek tonight. As they were all leaving, Robby and I went to work on the camper. We got that thing into shape-well there is still a lot of work to be done. However, I reloaded it with all the things I had to take out because of the cold (medicine, food staples, etc.). I even did a little bit of cleaning out of extra things while Robby worked on dewinterizing it and making sure that everything still works.
  • Soon Robby had to go and pick up the boys. Keaton, Whitman and I headed to the Wilson's house for supper. Tony had cooked sandwiches on the blackstone-he had made a lot, but we ate a lot. When Reagan arrived, she ate one and said that it was the best sandwich she had ever had. 
  • We watched a few camping videos before finally heading home. Graham did sneak in the back of the big van and tried to scare the living daylights out of me. Thankfully, I don't scare to easily and just shouted back "stop it" when he jumped up screaming from the back of the van as we were driving down the road.

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