March 9, 2022

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  • This morning I woke up a little bit before my alarm clock-well, the dog was staring at me so it was kind of hard to sleep much longer when I could feel her warm breath on the side of my face. I think that she was trying to tell us that she was indeed ready to go outside.
  • I was able to wake up the kids....or at least I thought I did. Then I went to work on my laundry and getting myself ready. The house was fairly quiet this morning so I was able to get a few little things done. 
  • We were again a bit late to Bible study this morning. No one again seemed to be too concerned. It was actually my fault that we were late-I made a bagel. I used to have a bagel every single Wednesday morning on the way to Bible study, but at some point I just stopped. I am not sure why I stopped because a bagel and cream cheese just makes me so happy. It was worth being a few minutes late for sure.
  • Now, I mentioned that I thought I had woken up most people. After sitting in my room for a few minutes and not receiving any texts containing pictures of the kids' finished school work, I begin to text. Apparently, Anderson was not yet awake. Graham was on his xbox and at least Reagan said that she was awake. I had to eventually text Robby to make sure that school work was getting done.
  • This morning kind of cemented my thoughts about us not going to CBS next year. But then this afternoon made my question it all. I was able to work on quite a bit of school work plus the I had time for the treadmill and a nap. I'm just not sure what we are going to do.
  • Robby took Anderson to his Dgroup tonight. Just about as soon as Robby came home, the rest of us left for church with a stop at the library first. Tonight was a big night at church for Keaton, Campbell and Whitman. They had a missionary kid talk to them plus they all had free pizza for supper.
  • Graham even snagged a pizza box to bring home. Kind of odd since tomorrow's meal is scheduled to be homemade pizzas. Oh well, we do have a lot of pizza lovers. Basketball is on tv and I think that I might even take a little nap before bedtime!

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