March 1, 2022

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  • I try to start school each morning when Bentley's dog food thing yells and dispenses her food. It goes off at 8:30. Since it is Campbell and Keaton's voice screaming "Hey Bentley, come eat." We can all hear it all over the house.
  • This morning I must have been a bit ahead of schedule since when I hollered up the stairs telling me people that we were starting school, Graham was quick to mention that Bentley's food hadn't gone off. He was correct, but by the time he did come downstairs it did.
  • I also try to stop reading on Tuesday and Thursdays when Reagan and Anderson leave for Comm Central. That is at 9:20-well, that should be at 9:20. Today they were still in the kitchen at 9:26, and I was still happily reading.
  • I finally had to stop to tell them that they needed to leave. I think we have talked about how I have them leave early so they get there in plenty of time and do not have to rush. This morning Reagan was convinced that they usually leave at 9:30. 
  • I can't fault her there, one year I was convinced that Bible study started at a completely different time than it did-like 30 minutes later. We had just gone the week before, but this time I was incredibly late and confused.
  • School went very well today. It didn't take long for folks to finish most things. I did let Whitman got outside to practice soccer when his sisters did. I guess I am just a sucker, but I figure that if they want to go outside for a little bit, that just might be more important than school. Don't worry, I still made him do everything-we just had to finish early this evening.
  • Around 1, Campbell, Keaton, Whitman and I loaded up to go to church to pick up Anderson. He had to be at Raymar at 2. He drove there from church and did just fine. We ended up being there about 30 minutes early for Anderson and an hour and a half early for the other's soccer evals.
  • That was fine with everyone. Bentley and I walked and walked and walked. Keaton, Campbell and Whitman played on the playground and ran around. They had a blast-Keaton and Campbell even stayed after evals.
  • Whitman and I went home when he finished his tryouts. Robby had to leave shortly after that to go and help with the tryouts. He stayed until the end, and when they came home I had spaghetti ready for them. 
  • Everyone ate and then started on their showers. I had some sweaty kids tonight, and I know that I will have some exhausted kids as well.

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