March 27, 2022

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  • Sunday mornings always seem to be a difficult to get up and get going. They were today-it isn't as impressive since our kids are big now, but we still manage to get decent and scoot out of this house in one hour on Sundays.
  • Big church and then Sunday school-even though it was the last part of Spring Break there were still a lot of kiddos there today. Then we had Sunday lunch at Grannymom's house. She had a chicken taco soup which was super delicious. I had hoped that we were having soup, so I was perfectly pleased.
  • Once at home, Robby and I went right to sleep. Man, I will never understand why on all the other days of the week, I don't have to have a nap, but on Sundays I just do. Maybe because I have always taken naps on Sundays-even when I was too old to have a regular nap, my mom told us that we were to take a nap on Sundays. I still need Sunday naps for sure.
  • By the time that our naps were over, people were starting to leave the house-Reagan left with her 3 dollars for supper along with Anderson, who had a 2 liter, and Graham, who had 2 dollars for supper. We are super thankful that their life groups are all the same directions-hers starts 30 minutes after the boys, so she has plenty of time to drop them off.
  • Campbell left next with Brett for church at Rock Creek. It is always a win when my big people are choosing to go to churchy things. Some things are non negotiable-like Sunday school, but others we might have some give and take on-but so far, prayers are working and they are choosing church.
  • After most of the people left, Robby and I started on supper. Well, there wasn't much to do at all since tonight we were just having hamburgers. I did make some beans which were ok-I just can't seem to make beans like I think that they should taste. I probably should have added some of that leftover bbq meat in them-that surely would have helped.
  • I soon had to leave to pick up the boys. It took me a minute to find the house that Anderson's was out. Then I had to wait on him to finish the game of knock out that he was in. Then we drove to where Graham was and we had to wait for him to finish the game of knock out that he was in. 
  • Then we headed home for second supper-well, I don't think any of the boys or Reagan ate since they had their own supper. They all sure did show up for dessert though. The Wilson and us, however, did enjoy supper along with Keaton and Whitman, and also Campbell and Brett when they came home.
  • We visited until the weekend was plumb over. Then it was time to start on the laundry-ugh. (And I'm having a laundry crisis currently. Reagan spilled ink on her brand new sweatshirt the other day. I was able to get that out. The very next day she spilled spaghetti sauce on it-I have not washed it at least 4 times. And it's still there. Currently, it is soaking in oxiclean awaiting a trip to Nonna's house.)

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