March 4, 2022

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  • I didn't have a ton of time when we woke up this morning. I went right to work on the laundry and was discouraged to see that I forgot to run the dishwasher last night. I woke up Anderson and Graham, and then it was time to do a tiny bit of school work with Anderson.
  • Robby took Graham to Grannymom's house today to help with a little bit of yard work. He spent most of the morning over there working. He even earned a bit of money and had a burger so what could be a better morning.
  • Anderson and I went to take his driving test this morning. We did two practice runs before parking. He told me that he was a bit nervous, but he probably wasn't as nervous as I was. When he did drive off with the examiner in the car, I walked and prayed and probably even did a bit of pacing.
  • Seriously, I think that my heart can't take much more of these stressful events. Robby reminded me that I have 4 more driving test to go to. Well, 8 more counting the permit tests and driving tests-and that is if no one fails. Robby also mentioned that since he wrote in the baby books, it is my responsibility to do the driving portion with the kids. (In my defense, he wrote in the baby books because I don't like my handwriting. And I did write everything out for him so basically I am the one who did all of the hard work.)
  • When he passed the test, we walked over to get his driver's license. We sat down and just waited an hour and a half for them to call our number. Aagh! I was sure not expecting that at all. I will be more careful next time I schedule someone's driving test. I will call and ask when a slow time is first. 
  • We picked up Sonic to celebrate Anderson's license. Then we headed to pick up Graham from Grannymom's house. On the way home, I should have picked up myself another Sonic drink. I used to love the Sonic water with mango and peach. It was cheap and yummy. Lately, I just can't drink it at all. So today I tried a vanilla water which was just disgusting. It was like drinking watered down melted snow ice cream.
  • At home, I had to kick the girls off of the treadmill so I could walk. They had both walked a mile today and were super proud of themselves. Robby said that he could only walk 30 minutes today. I realized why when I stepped on the treadmill-some one had set it on an incline. He was walking uphill!
  • Reagan and Anderson spent the afternoon packing. At 5 we all loaded up to pick them up supper and then drop them off at church for a weekend at Spring Lake camp in Lonsdale. I know they will have a blast.
  • The rest of us fought the crazy traffic to go to the Bryant Larry's. I ran in to put our name on the list and take Whitman to the bathroom. While I was inside I was told the wait was an hour and also noticed that they weren't having the buffet there. So we left Bryant and headed to the West Little Rock Larrys.
  • There was still a crowd there, but we were able to find a seat and find some pizza. Everyone loved the pizza-especially the dessert pizza. While we were there, Robby gave the kids a choice to have some tokens and play games or buy a little something at Walmart.
  • Whitman picked tokens-he came back with 2 dum dums and 2 tiny toys. He said that he knew he would have gotten more at Walmart, but he had more fun. That was true-Robby did save him a dollar so he was able to get something at Walmart afterwards too.
  • It was like we had given the kids a hundred dollars to spent at Walmart-Graham choice sugar cookies. Keaton thought about raspberries, but she thought they were too expensive, so she opted for jolly ranchers. Whitman used his dollar for a little box of candy while Campbell bought two little boxes of candy and some sparkling water. 
  • When we arrived home, Whitman crawled over the back seat taking at least 3 minutes to get out of the car. As Robby and I were staring at him, Whitman looked at us and said, "I just like to do things needlessly complicated." That is so completely true.
  • Currently, Robby and I are watching Hallmark movie-actually I think that he might be snoozing!

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