April 30, 2022

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  • I am so tired that I should just apologize in advance for not making complete sentences in this blog-which will be short. I drove the first but this morning, and after waking up the boys 3 different times, the fourth time that I woke them up, I was not the sweetest.
  • That did get them stirring which was good since we just had 5 minutes before it was time to go. Reagan and Anderson had to ref the first games so they came with me and Campbell helped on the first concession stand round so she also came with me.
  • That left Whitman and Bentley for Robby to bring a little bit later in the day. Campbell and Keatn's game was second today-they beat the team that beat them before so that was good. Campbell even had a great score today. Keaton and she hustle so much during soccer-they always impress me.
  • The next game was Whitman's. His little team won by about 7-Whitman did get kicked really well plus he twisted his ankle so he ended up sitting out 2 periods. I think that he could have played the second on that he set out, but there was no reason to push him at all.
  • After their games, we just had to stay through one more game. The concession stand was slow, so Robby watched some soccer, and I tried to count some of the money. After the game, Robby took Whitman to go and get his haircut. Campbell went with them, and they did a grocery store run.
  • I worked on some things in the kitchen for most of the afternoon. Then Campbell helped me more when she returned home. We eventually made the boys go outside and help Robby finish up in the yard while the girls helped clean the house. I had made a mess of the kitchen-powdered sugar everywhere so that is mainly what I focused on.
  • Soon everything was cleaned and ready to go for tomorrow so Robby and I ran to pick up supper. I am now going to take a quick nap before bedtime!

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