Novebmer 16, 2022

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  • It was definitly hard for me to wake up this morning. However, it was not hard at all for Bentley to wake up-she is still on Floriday time and was up early. Yesterday some of the kids were awake early too, but by this  morning they are all accustomed to this time zone. 
  • Well, the boys are not since they have yet to change their clock in their room. I am thinking that they are going to try to see how long they can go without changing it. Maybe they never look at it, but I did panic today when I was in there briefly and saw the wrong time.
  • Today is definitely a day for celebration-6 people at the dentist and no cavities. That is like a miracle. All of the kids except for Reagan  (she was at work) and I went to the dentist today. Reagan goes tomorrow, and she is pretty convinced that she is going to have a cavity. If we can get buy with one cavity that is still excellent. 
  • I was so happy with this that we went to Sonic. Well, I had actually told the kids that if we didn't have any cavities I would take them to Sonic. I probably would have taken them anyway since I can be the fun mom sometimes. 
  • Afterwards, we met Robby at the gas station-we filled up the van and camper so we could be ready to go again. Then it was home for a few minutes before church tonight. I tried to work on a little bit of Christmas stuff. 
  • While doing this, I lost track of time and had to hurry working on food for the youth "feast" tonight. Campbell made chocolate chip cookies and Graham made corn casserole. I felt like we should take something else so I made some mac and cheese as well.
  • At church tonight, the big 4 were not the only ones who were eating. The rest of us had pizza so it was nice to come home and not have to think about food. I guess I am maybe still thinking about food since I am about to have some hot chocolate and read a cookbook. 

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