November 25, 2022-Christmas in Branson

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SInce Silver Dollar City didn't open until 11 this morning, we were in no hurry to get moving early. It was kind of nice-the kids were expecting a Disney early morning, and most were confused when we said that we would leave here around 10. They wanted to make sure that we arrived before the place opened. 

We did make it before the park opened, but it wasn't easy. Graham wanted to take a shower which tied up the bathroom some. Then we had to go back to get Robby's wallet (we hadn't driven too far though-tonight on our way there, we also had to go back to get his wallet once again-we had barely left the driveway that time though.)

Once we made it into the park, everyone but Reagan and I rode Thunderation. That is the ride that I don't really love since I have to hold my head in one part so I don't get whiplash so I opted out. We went to get some wassail which was warm and cozy. 

Next up, Keaton, Whitman and Graham rode Time Traveleter followed by Powdered Keg by some folks. By this time in the day, we quickly realized that they were correct about the crowd expectations. There were lots of people there-so we began our food tour of the City.

Cinnamon bread x3, hot chocolate, potato/leek soup, sausage medley skillet and mozerella sticks. Tonight we continued our food tour with a cinnamon pretzel and red velvet funnel cake. It was kind of fun-and really, all of us sitting around table after table eating and talking was pretty perfect. 

Even though we weren't able to ride many things, I think that everyone had a good time. Before we left this afternoon, we did ride the shooting mine-Silver Dollar City rides are a bit sad when compared to Disney rides.

We came back to the camper around 2ish. The kids watched the rest of the World Cup followed by the Hogs game. They watched some of the football game outside, but then some folk went to the hospitality house here and watched it inside. I joined them there for a little bit and played a game of Yahtzee with Keaton.

For the second half of the game, I tried to help the Hogs by taking a nap. It was a wonderful nap, but maybe I woke up too soon because I did watch the rest of the game just in time to see them lose. Thankfully, none of my crew gets too upset about games.

Our next task was supper-we had planned on staying two nights, but we will probably come home tomorrow because of the rain so we had two meals here with us: chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes for some (Robby, Cambpell, Keaton and me) and air fryer pizzas for others (Anderson, Graham, Reagan and Whitman).

Then we had a bit of time to put on a few more layers before heading back to Silver Dollar City around 7:30. There were still a lot of people there-they even made us go in a different way. That was neat to see. While Robby was in line for the funnel cake (20+ minutes), we watched the parade and Campbell and Keaton rode the swings.

We walked around looking at lights and then stopped to play in the ball area. Some folks rode the Barnswing while the rest of us warmed up in the pizza place. By this time, we barely made it to Fire in the Hole for one last ride at 10.

Afterwards, we headed out of the park, but first I did make my people take a few Christmas pictures!

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