November 11, 2022-November Disney Trip

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This morning was another early one-they all seem to be early these days. When we get home and have to wake up to do school, it will be like a vacation because we will get to sleep in. We were moving a bit slow today, plus there was a bad attitude (not mine) that also slowed us down a bit. 

We left about 5 minutes later than we wanted to, but it all turned our just fine since we ended up parking about 3 cars from the Hobbs. We walked right in the park without too much of the crazy lines and headed to the Navi River. It is a simple boat ride that is new so it gets huge wait times, but we were able to walk right on it since we did it first thing this morning.

Afterwards, we headed to Everest for folks to ride the single rider line a little bit. I think that they rode twice...or maybe just once. I am not really sure. I am sure that afterwards, we headed to Tusker House for breakfast.

This was the first time that we had ever been seated in the area with the buffet so that was really nice. It was super easy to grab food and to grab the kids when needed for a picture with the characters. The food was good-but O'hana is still my favorite place to eat at Disney (so far, Robby and I plan to try some new places when we come in February.)

While eating, Mickey, Daisy, Donald and Goofy all came to our tables. We were able to get pictures with all of the kids with everyone so that was fun. All my people still don't mind taking their pictures with the characters so I am certainly happy about that.

After breakfast, we tried to get in the next Lion King show, but missed it. Instead we went towards the dinosaur area-I think. Actually, maybe this is when we went to Everest. Either way, we soon ended up in the Boneyard-the playground that Whitman really enjoys. We don't mind it either because we can sit in the shade while he plays. The others played too today so we were there for a few minutes.

That brings us to the last thing that we did in the parks this morning-watch the Lion King show. It is a tiny bit different after covid, but it is still mostly the same. It is surprising that the show hasn't really changed for as long as I can remember. 

When the show was over, we headed out of the park for the afternoon. Matt came and picked up Keaton, Campbell and Whitman so they could swim with his kiddos. While they were gone, Anderson did some exploring on the golf cart along with pin trading. Robby, Graham and I joined him some too-today we explored the stables housing the Disney World horses.

Most of the loops are filled back in after the empty days of the hurricane. Ours is one of the few loops that doesn't seem to full yet. The Hobbs came back over here for supper tonight-we had ourselves a Mexican feast with street tacos and quesadillas. 

When supper was over, all of us but Anderson, went back to Animal Kindom. We rode Everest once, the kdis rode the rapids twice and then we all did Avatar one time before the park closed. We had to wait about an hour for that ride, but it is pretty worth it. 

The park was closed and pretty empty when we finished, so we headed back to the campsite. Keaton ended up spending the night with the Hobbs. Cambpell was pretty excited about having her own space tonight.

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