November 26, 2022-Christmas in Branson

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We knew that it was going to start raining this morning in Branson so we decided that we didn't want to get wet. That basically is a life goal of mine right now-don't get wet. Well, I do make exceptions for steamy, hot showers, but other than that I'd prefer not to get wet at all. 

We were not in any hurry this morning and did stay in bed for a while before starting to load up. Once Robby started working on getting everything ready to go, it doesn't take him long at all. Campbell was the first one to start stirring today, and then Anderson and Graham followed. 

We didn't have a lot of rain driving home today, but it was a fine mist a good part of the day. There was even some fog, but nothing like we had Thanksgiving night driving up there. We stopped twice on the way home-both times for gas, but one time was at home so it didn't really count.

When we did get home, it was raining pretty good, so we didn't make the kids unload. Robby and I did quite a bit of it ourselves. Now, since this was a shorter trip, we didn't have to wash every single thing, and since we are leaving again in just a short time, we didn't have to take all of the opened food.

It really didn't take us long at all to finish unloading things. We didn't clean the camper tonight, but we did go and buy more food to put in it. Robby, Keaton and I went to Kroger, Sams and Walmart this evening. We left fairly early, but it seemed like it was midnight when we came home.

We even through a trip to On the Border in there. That is Robby's favorite place to eat, and we always enjoy it. Keaton even has her favorite there. Of course I could, and usually do, just a make a meal of chips and salsa.

Once we came home, most folks had showered, and everyone had eaten. Robby and I worked on the never ending laundry before I found my spot on the couch to work on the blog for a few minutes.

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