November 17, 2022

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  • Bentely did some better this morning. I eventually had to open the door so she could go in the living room. Also when she goes in the living room, she likes for the blinds to be raised so she can see out the window. I have messed her up a little bit since we put the tree up in her main window spot. 
  • She did come back into our room and laid on the bed. Then she moved to find Anderson in the school room who had finished all of his school by the time that I climbed out of bed. I guess Anderson isn't yet completely back on the right time zone time either. 
  • Actually, all of the boys were up this morning when I got up. I did give Whitman his last medicine today. He was quick to notice that there was one more pill in the container. I told him that I think I am rigth on the pill count, but maybe they just give an extra pill in case you drop one. He asked though if he could still take the last one tomorrow-becuase when he takes his medicine, he gets a cup of coke to drink it down with.
  • We did our school today-I had to leave in the middle to take Graham to his class. Reagan's class was cancelled so I just took him and ran to Target and then back to pick him up. It wsn't too much longer until Robby took Graham and Cambpell to the orthodontist.
  • Cambpell is getting her braces off in December. That would be great news, except she needs one tooth fixed since it is a tiny tooth. We knew this, but we didn't realize fixing this tooth was a house payment. 
  • I'm actually going to get a job at the dentist-Keaton did in fact have two cavities yesterday which they saw once they looked on the xrays. This wasn't surprising becuase they have been watching those spots for a while. Reagan also had two cavities today when she went to her visit. Maybe when I take people to their appointments I could do some filing or something there and work off some debt.
  • Back at home this afternoon, I did finish the Christmas stuff. Maybe instead of saying "finished," I should just say that I stopped putting Christmas stuff out and called it done. I'm completely happy and don't need anything else out-I could probably handly having less out even.
  • Reagan went to her Dgroup tonight while Robby and I went to eat supper with the Wilsons. Afterwards, we ran some errands and ended back at our house for some ice cream. When they left, I had to find a warm spot in the house becuase it has just been chilly lately. 
  • People have already had showers and ice cream-so there isn't much to do until bedtime. I think I am going to coy up and finish my book...or take a nap before bedtime.

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