November 3, 2022-November Disney Trip

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Thankfully, this morning wasn't as early as the day before. It was around 8 when Robby and I stirred. We had slept with the slides in so it didn't take too long for us to load up and go this morning. Oddly enough, Campbell was already stirring and by the time that we arrived at the campground, Reagan was already awake. 

We had about a 10 minute drive before getting onto Disney property. It is just a pretty magical place. Then it was on to the Campsites at Fort Wilderness. We stayed here in 2019 before we had a camper so this is really a whole new experience. 

Our site was ready early, so we made our way to it. The Hobbs camper would soon be right next door. Robby went with Keaton and Anderson to go and pick up the golf carts (one for the Hobbs and one for us). While he was gone, I had the rest of us working getting things ready-we set up chairs, rugs, tents. The kids were great helping.

Well, one child was not great at helping-Reagan. In her defense she was taking her math test again. She can take it twice so after yesterday's B, she opted to take it again today. She made a 100 percent today so I guess it was fine that she didn't help us.

Soon Anderson was coming on a golf cart to pick me up. I rode with him to another site to pick up our second golf cart. I chatted with the guy that was leaving-he had been here for a month, had nearly a thousand trick or treaters and was going home to Florida.  

Robby was back by the time that we returned, and we all went out joy riding on the golf carts. If those things used gas, we would have run the tanks dry today. Soon the dog walker showed up to meet Bentley and took her on a little walk. Bentley enjoyed the walk and even received a report card at the end of her walk. Of course having Bentley out with someone else makes some of my kiddos a little bit nervous.

While the dog walker was still taking Bentley on a loop, the Hobbs arrived. My kids were super excited to give them a goodie bag full of things. And since their golf cart was already here, we all loaded up and went on another spin. This time we did stop long enough to point out a few sites. 

The Hobbs unloaded some while we worked on a few things-mainly hanging lights and starting to get ready for supper. Sarah and her kiddos went with us to the pool with Cambpell, Keaton and Whitman. Graham eventually rode his bike there. Robby bought a drink cup so we were able to have some refreshment while the kids enjoyed the water slide. 

At one point today, I couldn't find Whitman. Now this didn't panic me one bit, because I had not moved and he knew where I was so he couldn't get lost. Plus there are plenty of life guards and really, he can touch in the whole pool. I eventually found him in the hot tub chillaxin. 

We only stayed at the pool for an hour, and then it was back to the campsite for supper. Robby grilled burgers which were delicious. I think maybe I was just hungry but I thought they were the best burgers ever. After we finished supper, we loaded up with our s'mores supplies and headed out again.

This time we went to the Chip and Dale Sing Along. Now, you can't get pictures with Chip and Dale anymore, but they were there and we sang along. The show was cute-same as last time, but we all enjoyed it. Plus the kids, of course, enjoyed making s'mores. I think that most everyone had two. 

After the show, we came back to the campsite for a bit. Some folks might have had showers this time-my memory is getting a little bit fuzzy. There were showers taken tonight by most everyone. Some kids took theirs in the camper, and others walked to the bath house. These bathhouses are nicers than any of my bathrooms in my house. 

Later in the evening, we all loaded up for another golf cart. This time we were drove around a few loops to look at the decorations. Some people still have Halloween up, others have Thanksgiving and still others have Christmas. And people that have decorated have truly decorated-think Osborne type decorations.

We stopped at the marina and walked on the sand for a bit. We were able to see the fireworks from Magic Kingdom for a little bit. Whitman saw a horse that he wanted to pet-but couldn't. Instead we took his picture with it. He even said that he would like to ride a horse someday. I suggested that would be a fun Christmas present.

Then we headed back to the camper. It is almost midnight-and we have clothes in the dryer. Before everyone went to sleep, I had to take lunch orders and breakfast orders. I just hope that I don't forget anything tomorrow. The things not in the fridge are already bagged and ready to go. The things in the fridge are on a list. Plus the dog had to have things ready for the dog walker. A Disney vacation is not for the faint of heart for sure. This is a lot of work-but we are loving it.

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