November 9, 2022-November Disney Trip

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From the time that we woke up until the time that we stopped tonight, I kept telling Robby about the notifications on my phone. Basically they kept telling me that the rain was stopping in 12 minutes or 13 or 20. And usually that rain did stop, but then it would start again.

It pretty much misted all day long on us. This was fine except whenever it didn't mist during the times that we wanted it to-like when we were on the golf carts, or having to stand outsite to wait on something or espeically when it was time for Robby to work outside to get the camper ready to leave.

Thankfully, we were able to get things settled last night while we were on the phone with Disney so we knew at least the hotel that we would be at today. We were up in plenty of time, but there was just a lot to do. The kids were packed except for the last few things. I still had to pack plus make lunches. Robby worked outside as much as he could-it was just a bit hectic.

We loaded up and drove the golf carts to the goft cart parking lot and caught the bus for Magic Kingdom. We opted for the bus today because we thought it would be dryer than the boat. Driving there, we noticed that there were indeed quite a few less campers, but we really noticed it when we saw that our golf carts were the only ones in the parking lot.

Even though there is a hurricane coming, apparently the people here don't know that they shouldn't be at the parks today. They didn't even know that it was raining and should be at home. It was croded today at Magic Kingdom. I spent most of the day wishing that I was a poncho salesman-I could have made a fortune. I had 8 ponchos in my bag which Reagan and Keaton eventually borrowed. I have multiple sets of ponchos ready for the next rainy day. 

Thankfully at the very last minute today, I grabbed my rain jacket and Robby had his. I woul have been miserable today wtihout it. Even though my phone kept telling me the rain was going to stop, it did just keep coming and coming and never seemed to stop. 

We were able to ride quite a few rides today despite the crowd. We started with Space-which I did ride and regretted. I felt like the cart was going to come off of the track multiple times which kind of terrifies me. I guess I am really not a roller coaster person. I do just try to keep smiling through all of it, but inside I hate it.

Then we watched the Carousel of Progress-where I tried to take a short nap, but Whitman kept asking me questions about things that he heard. (What is a rumpus room? What is rat race?) Next was the People Mover-always one of my favorites. Afterwards, some of the kids road the Speedway while others walked around.

I was part of the walk around group-and we stopped for a pretzel filled with pepper jack cheese which was definitely worth the stop. Then Reagan took Whitman to Dumbo to play on the playground. She had already taken Owen to ride the Astro Orbiter.

Some folks rode the Barnstormer and then we walked over to Haunted Mansion where it was pretty busy. So we chose the Hall of Presidents where I had myself a good nap. I saw the first little bit, and then Robby had to wake me up when it was time to leave.

We then left the park -it was around 1. At the campground, the place was practically empty. There were a few campers that had been left, but for the most part the place was empty. Probably 1000 campsites which were fullish yesterday, but deserted today-kind of odd.

Robby and Anderson worked outside. Robby had his rain jacket, but Anderson was soaked by the time that they were finished. The golf carts were left there along with our rug. It was already wet-so leaving it there under the golf carts to dry or shoving it in a garbage bag were the only two options for that.

We didn't hook up the car so Robby just drove slowly with the car dolly on while I drove behind him. It was about a 5 minute drive to the Port Orleans Riverside. Robby then went into the camper to do his packing once he found a parking sopt. 

I went in to check in with Campbell and Graham who had driven with me. I was about 50th in line to check in, but I was entertained by the princesses-Snow White and Aurora-along wtih the sline making that was happening. 

When I made it to the front things were going easily-until the lady realized that we were not near each other. We weren't any where near each other and still aren't. She tried her best for sure, but wasn't able to change anything. That was fine-I'm about a 10 minute walk from Robby's room, and his room is about a 5 minute drive to my room.

The girls, Bentley and I are in the largest room. We even have a bed that folds down for a 5th sleeping spot. The boys room is smaller, but there theming is pretty intense compared to ours-their room is like stepping into a castle.

Robby had orginally parked the camper in one lot, but then he moved it to another one. Later he told me, that he had Anderson follow him in in the van. This was Anderson's first time to drive the car all by himself even though he was in a parking lot. He did fine!

We settled into our room before finding supper. Campbell and Reagan opted to buy a pizza for their supper, while the rest of us went to the camper for meatballs and mashed potatoes. When supper was finished which was pretty delicious, we met up with the Hobbs at Port Orleans for beignets. 

Whitman did find some ice cream that he wanted to eat, so that was his snack of the day. We could have saved a lot of money if we had not told the kids that they could have a snack each day, but they are loving it. Some kids make known exactly what they want and would have you walk miles to get it-Campbell, Keaton and Anderson. And some kids won't tell you what they want-Anderson, Reagan and Whitman.

Once the beignets were finished, we headed back to our hotels. The girls and I settled into our beds-first Campbell and Keaton had showers. Then Campbell made me and her some hot chocoalte while I have been working on the blog. I guess I must be tired becuase I keep falling asleep despite the hot chocolate and soccer on tv that Reagan is watching. 

It has been pretty good day despite the craziness. I love new adventures. Right now Epcot is supposed to open at 1 so possibly 12:30 for resort guests. If we are able to go back to the campground we will do that before we head to the park. But alas, just like yesterday some things we aren't too sure of. Like I am not sure when this hurricane Nicole is going to swing on in here!

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