November 6, 2022-November Disney Trip

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Time change morning was nice-except that it didn't really help us that much. We were still dragging this morning and our 7:00 leave time was more like 7:15. We then realized that the park opened at 7:30 for us so we were really should have left at 6:30. That is a rookie Disney goer mistake and one that we should not have made. However, the day did all work out despite our error plus leaving that early would just have been craziness.

This morning I probably should have started to wake the kids up before 6:30. There are a lot of people in this camper and just one tiny bathroom so getting ready takes a minute-because there is alot of waiting happening. 

Each evening, I take orders of what everyone wants for lunch-I write down all of the things that need to be made (sandwiches) and all of the fridge items. (It would be ideal to prep these all before and put them together in the fridge, but there isn't really room for this.) The things that aren't fridge items that the kids have requested for lunch, I put in a bucket on the counter. I also take breakfast orders and prep as much as I can. 

So this morning, Anderson's bowl and tortilla was out for his burritos. Reagan's cereal and other people's muffins had already been set out. I had done a lot of prep which did help out. Now I did my list tonight, but I didn't do a lot of breakfast prep which means I might have to wake up a minute earlier tomorrow.

And before I forget, if you have noticed in Whitman's pictures: he has poison ivy or at least what I assume is poison ivy. It would make sense because last weekend he did spent a lot of time playing in the woods. Half of his face started out really bumpy and now it is dry. I keep asking him if it is itchy, but he says no even though I sometimes catch him touching it. His bumps seem to have spread a bit on his face and he has some on his chest. 

Sometimes he looks super red and other times his face looks fine so I can't decide if it getting better or getting worse. I even called the doctor today before I realized that it was Sunday. Hopefully, it will be tons better tomorrow. I have been giving him zyrtec and putting medicine on it-just hydrocortisone. I have anti itch/poison ivy cream, but that must have really burned him the other day because he did not like that at all. Despite his little rash, I do think that he feels fine.

So back to this morning. We made it to Animal Kingdom, and I grabbed Landon and the stroller while the others walked to Avatar. They had a pretty long wait, so Landon and I walked around the park. We took pictures and had snacks and the wait went fairly quickly-at least for us. It went quickly for the others too, and I think that they all enjoyed that ride.

Then we went to the safari which had a crazy wait. However, it was something that had to be done, so we jumped in that line. The new fastpass, Genie Plus stuff, really hurts us. You just have to weigh is spending 160 dollars more a day (what it would be for our family of 8) really worth it or would I rather not have to wait in crazy lines. Now, they so cater to the fastpass people-40 people in the Fastpass line go and then 2 in the regular line. 

On some days the new fastpass may just be worth it. However, we rocked Magic Kingdom the other day, and we also did pretty well at Hollywood Studios. Now, we haven't been able to ride things multiple times (except for Everest today in the single rider line), but we have been very pleased. 

After the safari today, we stopped at Flame Tree BBQ, a Dennie family favorite, to eat our lunch. We had cornbread and mac and cheese bbq. It was all delicious. The last two or three days, Robby has bought a bit of extra lunch for us to share. We have all packed lunches, but this has made it a bit more fun too.

After lunch, we went to ride the Dinosaur ride followed by Everest for everyone but Robby, Landon and Rylee. They sat down at a restaurant and drank gallons of coke. Our first time in line took about 25 minutes. Afterwards, the kids wanted to go on the single rider line so they did that 4 more times while Matt went back through the line with Owen.

Next, we found some snacks-mostly ice cream, frozen coke and dole whip. Then it was on to the It's Tough to be a Bug show. That is always a cute one, then we let the kids who wanted to go on the river raft before heading back to the campers.

At the campers, there were lots of golf cart rides this afternoon (we got home about 4:30) and tonight. The Hobbs went to dinner while we ate our supper-air fryer pizzas. After folding our laudnry, we did some exploring and scouting out campsites for the next time that we are here. That took a while, so it was 9ishn when we made it back to the campsite. 

Currently, it is 11:30, Campbell is chatting with me while I type and Robby is helping Matt with a septic tank issue-yikers! My plan is to take my shower sooner rather than later. Today was the hottest day, so I will be glad for a shower.  

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