November 28, 2022

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  • Even thoughit was the first day of school in a little bit, everyone seemed to do fine. We are in an odd stretch where we seem to do a week of school, have a break, do another week, have another break, and the cycle keeps going.
  • Thankfully, everyone is fairly flexible and did fine today. Anderson took a hefty pule of school work upstairs to do last night so he was really far ahead today. Reagan is studing hard, I sure hope, for her final on Thursday.
  • School went fairly quickly, and soon I was finishing up by reading with the little 3 and working with Whitman. Afterwards, I had a few things that I neded to do before it was time to leave for the day.
  • Today's outing was a bit of a crazy one-taking Whitman to pick out a few Christmas gifts. Of course, Campbell, Keaton and Graham wanted to go with us. So it was quite a crew-Whit can be so distracted and all of my shopping helpers helped distract him even more. 
  • He did pick out a few things-nothing that I would have ever expected. We managed to find him some things, grab a few more gifts and even buy 10 pounds of tater tots for 3 dollars. 
  • Back at home, I worked on a few more things. Reagan soon came home from work, and then it was time to eat our supper. We had philly cheesestakes for supper-they were fine, but I don't think that they were my favorite. 
  • After eating, we worked in organizing food in the camper before coming in to watch the Hogs game. I have about 12 Bible verses to write out for Keaton and Whitman and then I hope to watch a Hallmark movie and read 50 pages in my book. I'm not sure if all of that can happen before bedtime, but I will give it a try for sure.

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