November 18, 2022

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  • I slept in a bit today, but soon I was working on marking things off of my list. I wasn't too motivated becuase I figured that I had today and tomorrow to get things done.
  • I did read history and some Christmas books with Campbell, Keaton and Whitman. Then we worked on a few science experiments. Robby and I took a walk at lunch time-sometimes I think that Bentley likes walks and other times I am not so sure. 
  • Actually I think that Bentley has seemed unsettled since we put up the Christmas trees. Tonight though we did get a new to us couch, so every piece of furniture in the living room and even our bedroom has been moved around. (Yes, even the 100 year old piano has a new spot). So I bed that Bentley will really be unnerved tomorrow.
  • Or maybe she has been unsettled becuase Whitman has spent much of his time the last few days wathing his ipad in a box. This cardboard box is massive and the poor dog is terrified of it. Tonight the boys were trying to catch her to put her in the box. I knew that she would let me pick her up with less trauma than the boys (she does not trust them). So I picked her up and put her in the box for them-she just sat there looking pitiful.
  • Robby, Campbell, Keaton and I did run to Costco and Kroger tonight. I think that we only have one more things that we need for Thanksgiving so that is ahead of the game for us. One Thanksgiving I remember Robby even went to the grocery store early in the morning. I am pretty sure that he said it was pretty empty then.
  • During supper tonight, a friend wrote and asked if we wanted her couch-it is huge, but we were in  need of a new couch-so we picked it up. This mean rearranging the living room. The tv was moved to the fireplace-even though we don't have shelves built yet so the tv is just sitting there waiting. The old couch went to our bedroom so I have an extra tv stand, couch, chair and tiny sidetable. 
  • However, the living room and my bedroom are back to normal. The kitchen still has extra furntiture in it, but that is a job for tomorrow.

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