November 21, 2022

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  • I have given the kids a bit lighter school this week. I figured this could have been a few days that we skipped school, but instead I assigned them a few things that they are getting close to finishing plus a few fun things. 
  • I thought I had given them a decent amount of work; however, when Whitman finished the whole week's worth of school today, I realize that I underestimated at least for him. I still have to work with him each day plus we are reading together so he isn't getting off scott free the next few days.
  • He told me that he wanted to make sugar cookies for Thanksgiving so that was his assignment this morning as well. Today we made the dough, tomorrow we roll them out and bake them, and then Wednesday we ice them. 
  • Reagan had work today, but the big boys also went today to rake leaves. They worked the whole time that Reagan worked. They must have worked hard, because they were pretty tired when they came home. The even get to go back tomorrow to finish the job. 
  • Keaton, Campbell and I ran to the library today. I needed to pick up some books, and they both needed some books to read. They found a few-Cambpell found a huge stack. It didn't take me long to start on one of my books when we did get home. 
  • For supper tonight we had meatballs, mashed potatos and green beans. At the last minutes, I decided to open a can of green beans thinking that no one would really eat them-they were gone before I made my plate. I was a bit surprised by this. 
  • Tonight, Keaton, Robby and I did some running around-Sams for pizza bread, Whole Foods to spend a gift card, Kohls for a return, and Kroger for some groceries. Thankfully, it wasn't any Thanksgiving groceries because just about everything that I needed wasn't at the store. So a Walmart order is being delivered tomorrow.
  • I have now settled on the couch and am watching a movie froma  book that I have read. We will see how it compares. I have also already drank my hot chocolate for the day so I am not sure if I should have another cup of that or some ice cream for my snack.

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