November 8, 2022-November Disney Trip

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Today was our off day, but it was no off day. We did quite a bit, though the rain did mess up a few things that I wanted to happen. Our morning started around 8:30 when I woke up. I woke up possibly because of the sun shining in my window-my blackout shade was moved some so the sun came in, and this is the first time that we have slept long enough for the sun to be up on this trip. Or I possibly woke up because I had to go to the bathroom-the night was so long that I had to get up twice to go to the bathroom. 

Poison ivy update-as soon as Whitman woke up, we could tell that his face looked better. He didn’t scratch for most of the day and seemed to have much more spunk. I’m not sure if the spunk was because he had felt bad and was feeling better or if the spunk was because he had taken a few doses of a steroid. He was itching more this evening but hopefully his meds keep working. 

The first order of business this morning was taking Bentley up to the front to take her picture by the sign. The sign was a bit further away than I had realized, and we had to walk a good bit even after the golf cart ride. When we were halfway there, I remembered that I didn't have any treats to get her to cooperate. However, she did great wearing her ears and Disney shirt. We felt like it might be a good time to take her picture.....just in case...

We went to Disney Springs today. Of course we walked around the Disney store and the Lego store. I really looked for a picture frame to make my Christmas ornament, but I didn't have any luck at all. Hopefully, I will have a few more days at the park to find something. By the end of our shopping, I even gave up the idea of a picture frame, but still couldn't find an ornament. Anderson did find a Funko pop, and Cambpell did find a necklace.

The kids had some snacks there too today-pretzel bites and ice cream sundeas from Ghiradelli. (They were not cheap at all!) We battled the rain the last half of our visit to Disney Springs, but were still able to stop at the Coke store, M and M store and find Bentley a new dog tag.

After Disney Springs we came home to do some speed laundry. Robby was able to wash a load since we wanted to have most things clean...just in case....

During this little break, the kids did some more scavenger hunting. They also hid something-a new box of chalk that Keaton had packed. I think that they had so much fun hiding this. Later when Robby was picking up his laundry, he saw a dad and daughter out looking for it. They were able to find it which made the kids super happy.

Soon we were loading up to go to our supper tonight, but before we left, we did a little bit more packing up. We put up the tent and rug...just in case...

We ate at O'hana's tonight. It is expensive-crazy expensive, but it is still one of our favorites. There was so much food, and I really think that everyone enjoyed it. Salad, bread, potstickers, noodles, broccoli, steak, chicken, chicken wings, and then fries and chicken fingers for the kids, and eventually ice cream and bread pudding. (The bread pudding is not my favorite since I do not eat soggy bread. However, since I ate my weight in potstickers I didn't need much.)

After eating, we rode around the monorail stopping at the Grand Floridian and Polynesian to wander around some. Then we even got off at the Ticket and Transportation Center so we could ride over to Epcot and back. And finally we returned to the Polynesian and found some dole whip for our second dessert of the evening.

From there we headed back to the campsite. When we arrived, we saw that the notices had been taken down so we breathed a sigh of relief. And then we walked to the door of the camper and saw the note on the door: the campsite will close tomorrow at 3 for at least 24 hours. 

That was the news that we kind of didn't want to hear-and the reason for all of our just in cases. It is now one in the morning, and Robby just finished speaking with someone about our next steps. He was only on hold for 3 lovely hours. We were all humming along to the onhold music. By the time that he was finished, he was able to get us reservations numbers, but not the Hobbs. However, the lady we spoke with sounded very confident that we will all be at the same resort. 

I tried to do some packing and making a few lists since spending one night away is just the same as spending two nights away. Robby and I will be in different rooms, so we will need two of most important things. We are bringing the camper with us so we at least will be able to access everything we need...unless it blows away. (kidding). I have never been through a hurricane before so this will just be an adventure. The kids are mostly still awake and are pretty excited about getting to stay in a Disney hotel. 

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