November 30, 2022

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  • Another day that my people were pretty difficult to wake up this morning. It has probably been because we have been letting them stay up a little bit later since we are kind of in between schedules around here.
  • Lately, we have done a week of school, off for a week, another week of school and off again. This is an on school week, but since next week is an off week there isn't much motivation. Oh, don't get me wrong-things are happening and school work is being done.
  • Keaton is probably the one with the most motivition right now. She is acutally working on her school work right now. Reagan has her big final tomorrow morning so she will probably be studying into the night. But other than those two, everyone else is just getting by-me included.
  • After doing our school, Reagan headed to work. And soon after that, the rest of us headed to Defy for some jumping time. We acutually bought passes for this year, and they started early in December. So this was our first visit-and yes, I'm keeping my list so I can track just how many times that we visit.
  • When we came home, it was soon time for us to head back to church. We waited on Reagan to get back from work, then ran to the library before church. 
  • After church, we all had leftovers for supper before I finally snuck away to watch a Christmas movie. I also had to wait my turn on my computer since Keaton was working on it. Now, time for hot chocolate for me!

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