November 23, 2022

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  • I just sat down a few minutes ago after working pretty much all day long. Now I did sit down to eat my potato soup for lunch around 2, and I drove around a bit tonight running errands, but other than that I have been on the move.
  • The day started with Robby taking Bentley on a walk. I thought about going, but I decided that I better stay in the house and do some of the every day things-laundry and dishes.
  • Once those things were done, I moved on to waking up the people and heading up chores. Most everyone finished school, and then I used their labor to empty the trash cans, vacuum and clean their desks. 
  • Keaton and Whitman helped me make our sugar cookies. Thanksigivng sugar cookies are not the easiest to decorate. Graham did come downstairs and do 2 cookies, but other than that it was just the 3 of us working. I was glad that I only made one recipe of cookies.
  • I did have to make another batch of icing while we were decorating. We didn't plan our colors correclty. That second batch of icing did run me out of powdered sugar. Some how I am currently out of milk, eggs, powdered sugar, brown sugar, and flour. We haven't really made many things here, and I usually keep well stocked of the above list. I sure hope that I have everything for what I need to make tomorrow.
  • Whitman said that hw as so exicted about Christas because we would get to make cookies again. Hmm, I didn't know he enjoyed that so much. We could make them more often.
  • Keaton soon made fudge while I was working in the kitchen. I tried to clean and get everything ready that I could for tomorrow. That is what took all day-well, that and cleaning the bathrooms. I found a zillion things to do before working on those. It is one of my least favorite chores, but it doesn't really take that long.
  • Campbell had spent the night with a friend. Then they went out to eat and then to another friend's house. After running some errands, we picked her and her friends up, and then took them to their house. 
  • Then Robby ran to three different places to pick up supper for everyone-Taco Bell, Chickfila and Paxtons. Now, I picked ChickFila, and I was pretty disappointed wtih it. I wasn't sure what I should have picked, but I know now that I picked wrong. I think I should have pushed for some Chinese food. 
  • I have sent Robby a zillion presents to buy tonight. Now, I'm blogging and plan on taking a nap during the Hogs game later this evening.

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