November 14, 2022

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  • I woke up all nice and cozy in the camper this morning, and I stayed cozy until I walked across the yard to go inside for my shower. Anderson and Graham were the first ones awake today and went inside around 7. Reagan was next-but bless her, she couldn't figure out how to open the camper door so she had to leave another way. Campbell followed Reagan more successfully.
  • Keaton was the last one to wake up. When Robby looked to see if Whitman was awake, he was. He also asked, "Are we home already?" That boy is just enjoying life with not a care in the world.
  • Most of the day was spent working on the camper. I wasn't in much hurry so when I would bring a basket in, I would unloading it and put it away. Then I would work on something else in the house before returning for another load.
  • I did this most of the day. Once the unloading part was finished, I worked on cleaning the camper. The kids all stayed busy today as well. Reagan spent most of the day working on school work. She has the last of two of her classes tomorrow. Anderson and Graham were not concerned at all about school today-they spent the day making up lost time on their xbox. 
  • Whitman pretty much followed in his brothers footsteps and spent his time on his ipad. While Campbell and Keaton spent their time bouncing from thing to thing. I think that they were a little bit bored.
  • They were really excited when I mentioned that we were going to the store for a few things this evening. We did our shopping and then came home for potato soup and Red Lobster biscuits. The soup was made by Campbell and the biscuits by Keaton. 
  • After supper, there was time for showers, ice cream and some movie watching. And blog writing-for some reason, I lost the first blog that I wrote so this one is a redo, but I think that I hit most of the highlights from the day though.

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