November 13, 2022-November Disney Trip

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We started the morning by sleeping in a little bit. When I woke up, Robby was coming in from the bath house and his shower. He soon left to get the truck to return the golf cart. So aftera  few minutes, I woke up the boys.

They jumped up-especially Graham. We had to drive all three golf carts to the front of the campground so we could leave 2 golf carts there and meet Robby to drop off the other. Anderson has been able to drive the goft carts everywhere (though we are technically breaking the rules since he is not 16. However, he is a licensed driver.) Graham, though, has not been able to drive much except on our loop. A worker did stop him one day while he was driving with me so we haven't let him drive as much.

Today though he was able to drive a long ways plus drive by himself so he jumped up when I woke him up. Last night when we told them the plans, he looked concerned (he's my rule follower). Robby did ask what they could do-kick us out? Nah, not since we are leaving. 

We dropped off the two carts, and then we went back to where we were going to meet Robby. He soon came, and the boys helped load the big golf cart. Then Robby drove us back to our campsite. Obviously, I sat up front while the boys climbed in the back of the truck and laid down-those goof balls.

When Robby returned from the cart trip, he quickly did what he needed to do in the campground before we pulled out. We then hooked up the car and were on the road by 10:30ish. We had a little bit of rain for some of our drive today, but we are used to rain when we are camping and especially used to rain on this trip-even hurricanes.

I believe that we stopped 4 times today-first for gas, then Buccee's for more gas and drinks, next was another Buccee's for more gas and supper, and finally for one last gas stop. Oh, there was also one rest stop for a bathroom break for Robby.

The first Buccee's was a mad house. The women's bathroom line was into the middle of the store. The second one was less crowded, but still busy. At both I wanted hot chocolate but never could find any there even though I have had hot chocolate from Buccee's in Texas.

And really that about sums up our day. Our original plan was to stop at Birmingham for the evening. However, we woud have stopped a bit too early so we decided to press on. Currently, it looks like we are going to pull into the driveway in 45 minutes. Robby and I are listening to Disnry podcast and just finihsed some candy so we are going strong for the last leg of the trip. 

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