November 4, 2022-November Disney Trip

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I was pretty surprised this mornign when I stepped out of the camper this morning and it was dark. I knew we were waking up early, but I sure didn't know that we were waking up that early. Robby woke up at 6 and I did around 6:20. By 6:30, I was trying to wake up the kids, but some of them didn't really wake up until 7:20.

I had made as many things for lunches as I possibly could last night, and had gotten as many things out that I could for breakfast so things could go smoothly this morning. I think that things did go well, but it was still a struggle for us to leave when we did this morning at 7:45.

We just missed one of the boats, but we didn't have to wake too long, and we were soon headed to Magic Kingdom. Robby and I had stressed a little bit about not buying the Genie Plus (new name for Fastpasses), but we were pleasantly surprised today that we really didn't need it at all. We worked that park today and tonight.

Our first ride this morning was Buzz Lightyear. The line was super short, so the crew then headed to Space Mountain. I stayed back with Owen, Rylee and Landon since they weren't too sure about riding that one. We rode the People Mover and Buzz again. 

Once we were all back together we started knocking out rides. We did the cars, Dumbo, Barnstormer, and Little Mermaid. The lines were all pretty good, so we were doing well. But by this time it was nearing lunch time. We ate our packed lunches, but Robby did buy some french fries to supplement our lunches. 

After our break, it was on to Small World, Philharmagic, and then the Laugh Factory. By this time in the day, it was getting warm and was nearing 2, so we headed out of the park. We rode the boat back to the campground.

Once there, my cart did a bit of scavenger hunting. It is a bit thing here to hide things and post them on a Facebook group. That was the highlight of the afternoon. Some sights even post when they put out their pin tradin boards. Anderson not only did some pin trading today, but he also found a scavenger hunt prize-a Funko Pop.

This afternoon I was able to squeeze in a 20 minute nap which was wonderful. Afterwards, Robby and I took the swimmers to the pool. We let them swim for about an hour before heading back to the campsite to get ready for supper. Tonight's supper was breakfast-bacon, sausage, egg in the hole and pancakes. I think that everyone had their fill.

As soon as we had cleaned up, we put Bentley back in her kennel....oh, that reminds me, the dog walker came today. She will come everyday that we are here except for the last two. We could see her come on the doorbell, and then we get a report card on where they walked and what Bentley did. 

Tonight we went back to Magic Kingdom for a few more rides: jungle cruise, pirates, splash and thunder. Most of these rides we were able to knock out while all of the park was waiting on the fireworks. Afterwards, the lines got crazy again. And the line for 7 Dwarfs was about an hour long tonight, but it wasn't horrible waiting that long.

The park was closed since it was after 11 when we finished 7 Dwarfs. We then walked through the castle and down Main Street to catch the boat. Back at the campground, Reagan was the only one who went to the bathhouse tonight. It is almost 1, and we have about 20 more minutes until everyone in this camper is asleep. Tomorrow we leave here at 7-Ha!ha!

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