November 20, 2022

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  • This was the first Sunday back at church in a few weeks since we missed two weeks for Disney. So we were all anxious to get back to church-except Campbell, Reagan and I had to miss big church since we were working in worship care. 
  • After worship care, we all went to our Sunday school classes-Campbell's group had food, Whitman came to our room with handfuls of candy so I'm guessing his class had goodies as well.
  • When church was over, we went to Grannymom's house for Sunday lunch. This was our first Sunday in a bit to be back for Sunday lunch. 
  • By the time that we made it home, the big boys had afternoon plans of meeting some friends and playing ball. Keaton and I dropped them off and did some Christmas shopping. Even though I had a list, there were quite a few things that I think that I forgot to grab. I'm still marking things off so it was still a win.
  • The boys walked out of their basketball game just as Keaton and I arrived to pick them up so they were able to get home in time for Brett to take them to the Thanksgiving Feast at Rock Creek. 
  • Soon Reagan and Kennedy were leaving to go eat at Chuys-Regan's group seems to frequent Mexican restaurants-and poor Reagan is not a fan of Mexican.
  • The rest of us had snacky suppers-pizza for some and edemama for others. Then I curled up on the couch and started a Hallmark movie. Whitman has stuck with me occasionally looking up and asking questions. Actually, he was a bit disappointed tonight because for some reason, he thought that he was going to get to go on a hayride tonight like his big brothers.
  • The Wilsons brought the boys and Campbell home from church tonight. Then they came in to claim their spots on the new couch. We visited for a while, but when they left it meant that the weekend was over, and it was the start of a new week.

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