November 7, 2022-November Disney Trip

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I had to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom tonight-except it wasn't the middle of the night. It was just 30 minutes before the alarm went off. Ugh! When I came back from the bathroom, Robby asked me what time it was, and I refused to tell him since I didn't want to disappoint him.

We were soon waking up and waking everyone else up. We have been playing this game the last few mornings called "let's see how late we can sleep and still leave on time." Today we did pretty good at the game and left on time with most of the things straightened back in the camper.

Robby had a second alarm set this morning of when to try to get a ticket to the new roller coaster, Gaurdians of the Galaxy. His first attempt at 7 (I think) was unsuccessful. They don't have many passes to give out and when they do, they are gone in 2 seconds. That was not too disconcerning since we knew we had one more try today.

We were soon at Epcot-and we were so early that we were parked on the very first row. It was still a long walk, but we were proud of our parking spots. The goal today was to do at much as possible, and I think that we did pretty good. 

Our first stop was Test Track where the sound of the cars whizzing by freaked Landon out, but he recovered and did well on the ride-I guess, he wasn't on my car. Then it was on to Norway for the Frozen ride. Then we did some backtracking to Mexico to ride the Donald ride, Reagan's current favorite.

Then it was back to Norway for some School bread and other pastries. Then we started our journey through the countries. We made it almost to France when it was nearing lunch time. We weren't too starved because we had pretty much had snacks all around the world. 

We caught the boat and went to the Land to eat lunch. Sunshine Seasons has not failed us yet, and even though it was lunch time we were able to find a spot to eat our lunches. We wanted to ride Soarin or Living with the Land then, but the waits were ridiculous and most of the waits stayed at the insane level all the day long.

At lunch, I had my phone on the government time site while Reagan, Anderson and Robby all worked on getting us tickets for the new roller coaster. And Reagan was the one who managed to get them. That was a relief, but we had to watch the phones all afternoon long to make sure that we made it back on time. 

Once we had our call back time, we had to scoot on out of the park to make sure that we had time to veg this afternoon. Robby had less veg time than the rest of us since he had to go to Sams to pick up medicine for Whitman. 

I was just about to call the clinic, but opted to call a friend instead to call in a favor. I haven't done that before, but decided that now was the time. She wrote me write back and sent in meds for Whitman. It was not a liquid like I had hoped but was pills.

Now, I am not a good pill swallower and neither are some of my kids so I was a bit worried about Whitman being able to swallow the pill. Tonight at supper, I gave him the first one that he had to take. Seconds later I looked at him making odd faces-he was trying to swallow the pill without a drink. I guess I had neglected to tell him that he could drink and then swallow to make things easier. The second pill went down much easier. Hopefully, he will not have any problem taking the rest of the pills, and hopefully they will work wonders tonight.

Speaking of hopefully-Hopefully this hurricane that is approachng turns, and hopefully they don't close this campground. What a mess that would be-it would be an adventure for sure, but we are having enough fun that we don't need another adventure. Tonight Robby and I did take down most of the things outside so we could pack them up while they were dry plus we wanted to pack things up before they blow across the street (tomorrow is supposed to be windy.)

After our afternoon which included swimming for Cambpell, Keaton, and Whitman, a bit of scavenger hunting for Anderson, some school work for Reagan, and resting for Graham, we loaded up quickly to head to Epcot for Guardians of the Galaxy.

It was a super fun roller coaster which made me a tad bit dizzy. Everyone loved it-the boys decided that it is one of the best rides at Disney. After the ride, we made our way to Club Cool-the free coca cola place. It was gone the last few times that we were here, and we were glad to see that it was back,

Most of the Hobbs went to eat supper at Cape May along with Campbell and Keaton. There two big boys stayed back with us. They were able to ride Test Track one more time along with Mission Space. Because of the crazy lines, we  weren't able to do as much as we wanted, but that was fine.

We came back to the camper and had a second supper-some grilled cheeses and some hamburgers. Afterwards, the boys intently watched the basketball game. The girls were soon back and told us all about supper. The mashed potatoes were by far the favorite thing of the girls while they were out to eat.

Before Robby and I went to bed tonight, we took down a few things. The wind picks up tomorrow and the rain the following day. So we decided to try to keep a many things dry as possible, I sure didn't like taking things down-we still have a decent amount of time left, but this silly storm is going to at the very least just make us wet!

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